Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Christmas Recap Part 1

Dave and E started their Christmas holiday with some skiing.  They went up on the Friday before Christmas to Snow Valley and got some runs in.

I went to work for a few hours in the morning and then got groceries (along with everyone else) and then watched some Christmas shows with E in the afternoon. 

Then I went to pick up Q and we went to the airport to get my parents who were flying in from Nova Scotia.  We don't usually go into the airport to pick people up, but we did this time and it was a lovely festive mood.  Even some live music down by the international arrivals gate.  

We ordered Chinese food for an easy dinner and then got out some games to play before bedtime. 

The next morning we were up bright and early and worked a bit on our puzzle. 

Dressed in our Christmas colours to do errands and watch Christmas shows. 

Mom and John had brought lobster for us to enjoy all the way from Nova Scotia.  We introduced Q to them, he wasn't so sure.

Sure you can have a square before supper

Dave made Jamie Oliver's perfect potatoes, and I made warm cabbage dish (also from Jamie O.)

E getting cozy with his lobster.

They looked good, but sadly they were not suitable for eating.  When John cracked one open, the tail was sort of eaten away and they all had a fuel-like smell.  We weren't sure if they were okay, so we decided not to chance it.  It was too bad, but nothing you can do about it.  We wondered if they were not kept properly before being sold.  We did keep them overnight in the fridge, but we have done that before with no issues, so likely it was some other reason. 

On Sunday morning we went to church for the 4th Sunday of Advent, and E sang in the choir.  We enjoyed a live trumpeter and the handbell choir.  When we got home, Mom and I went to get pedicures.

Q helped me prep dinner.

Including a pannetonne bread pudding. He did a great job breaking the bread apart and kind of looks like the kid in the cookbook.

On Christmas Eve morning, I went for a run.

And then we did the usual stuff - finished up our puzzle, watched more Christmas shows/movies, did some last minute wrapping, and I went to pick up our oysters, and then took a spin to the playground. 

We had a quick supper before heading to the Christmas Eve service at church that started at 6:00.  As usual there was a small symphony of students from the Etobicoke School of the Arts, and some people from the congregation. 

The kids went up front to see listen to a story (the story as a matter of fact).

Q was back and forth from the front to our pew, had lots to say, laid down in the aisle, etc. 

When we got home, Papa had hidden some candy canes in the living room so they boys used flashlights to find them.  

The boys changed into their new Christmas pjs and we got our food out.  We had oysters, a shrimp ring, cheese and crackers, shrimp butter and oat cakes, and hot appetizers from M and M Meats.  My favourite type of meal!

Eyes on the Santa Tracker.

Yummy oysters from De La Mer on Roncesvalles.

E got out some cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots and red pepper for the reindeer.

My favourite time of the year - quiet Christmas Eve with everyone done and ready for Santa.

It's cnessary to enjoy the quiet of the night before since Christmas Day is full of chaos excitement.

The boys had these little M and M figurines in their stocking, and I swear Q would have been happy enough with that little toy.

Reading the note from Santa.

Getting into those gifts.

A quick spin with his new vacuum.

Taking a minute to read some Dog Man.

Now time for breakfast - Eggs Benedict casserole and fruit.

The aftermath

Merry Christmas morning!

After some lunch and nap, it was time to get the food ready.

E did the place cards

Resting turkey.

What a lovely day, lots of noise and fun, good food, and love.

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