Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Weekend Recap

This weekend recap is short and sweet because we hardly left the house, which was a great respite after Christmas and our trip to Europe.    This was our first weekend in a long time when we had no plans.

On Friday night we made some popcorn and started watching Ralph Breaks the Internet, and then watched some of last season's Great British Baker.  E loves the show too.  After he went to bed dave and I watched some Friends from College on Netflix.

In the morning, Dave and E went to skiing and then Q and I went to his swimming lessons.  It was so cold outside but the pool was pretty warm.  Q had a great time!

After swimming we went to No Frills, the library, the LCBO, and Hot Oven Bakery.  Q had a good time doing the errands and enjoyed the library.  

Then we went home, turned on the fire place, watched some Paw Patrol and then had lunch.  Peanut butter on toast and some apple sauce for Q.  He was pretty tired so he was happy to go down for his nap.

Dave and E came home early from skiing since E wasn't feeling well.   I went to Costco by myself to renew our membership and get some gas.  Since it was snowing, it was slightly less busy than usual so it was a good time to be out.  I made French onion soup when I got home for our supper, it was so delicious.   We repeated our Friday night with the rest of Ralph Breaks the Internet (with the kids) and Friends from College (for Dave and me).

We sort of slept in on Sunday (like post-7:00) and when I went into to get Q he wasn't really ready to get out of bed so E climbed in with him and they read some books while I read my own book in the chair. 

I made this delicious and simple breakfast - scrambled eggs, radishes, and bagel. 

We bundled up to go out and shovel the snow.  Q did not last too long out there, he was frustrated by many things so Dave put him up to bed and he fell right to sleep even though it was only 9:45.   I snapped this quickly before he went back inside.

I did some reading with E before lunch, and then cleaned and did some laundry.  Dave took E sledding for a little bit and when Q got up I took him to the grocery store with me.  He snuggled up to this cantaloup. 

I had to take another photo of E just to try and even things out!  He was playing on a new math app that his teacher had set up, he loved it!  

I finished off the cold weekend with some cozy yoga and a glass of wine when I got home (along with the Fyre Festival doc on Netflix).

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