Thursday, January 3, 2019

Portugal and Spain

Dave and I are off to Lisbon and Barcelona tonight, sans kids!!  Although not planned as such, we are considering this our 10 year anniversary trip, as we were married in 2009 and traveled to Europe for the first time for both of us on our honeymoon.  That time we visited Italy, Switzerland, and Paris; you can read about that trip here.  As much as we love and encourage travelling with our kids, it will be a nice trip with just us where we don't have to worry too much about itinerary, the restaurants we visit, or keeping anyone entertained on the airplane (aside from Dave, of course, keep those movies coming!).

I am very excited to visit a new city, Lisbon, and eat a Portuguese Tart at least once a day, and also to return to Barcelona, a city we already know and love.  We will visit some familiar places, like Sagrada Familia, and see some new sights. Can't wait for the tomato bread, cava, and fiduea.

This time we will be staying in the tall blue and white building on the left. 

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I will be posting a few times while I am away to participate in some linkups, but will be mostly taking a break until January 14.

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  1. So excited for you and Dave! I look forward to your posts! 💖🍾