Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Camping Recap - Arrowhead

Hi guys, I'm back.  I had Thursday and Friday off work last week and that meant I was busy before I left and didn't have time to write any blog posts.  I should be back to posting regularly now :)

I took those couple of days off so we could head out on our second camping trip of the summer to Arrowhead.  We went with three other families (and did this same trip last year).  Camping with friends is always so fun. 

We left our house around 11:00 and since we were going north, we had to stop at Webers.

Our friends had left exactly at the same time as us (and we are neighbours) so we arrived at Webers at the same time and ate together.

Set up, dinner, a bike ride to the beach, and campfire time.

We slept in until 8:00 which was nice.  Q was the first one up for breakfast.

I arranged my fruit and thought it was pretty enough to take a photo of.

Q said I should make a smiley face, so I did!

After breakfast we went on a bike ride around the lake.  The little kids did an awesome job of navigating the trails.

We had some lunch when we got back...

...and then headed to the beach.  It did rain for a bit so everything got a little damp. Dave took the kids back to the site and I stayed back to wait for things to dry out.

A round of Exploding Kittens.

Then the other families came and we played some washer toss, hung out in the hammock, and then had a campfire.

Saturday morning pancakes. Brother hugs.

We seemed to always find a few kids in our hammock.

We went on a group hike to the falls.

The kids loved climbing on the rocks.

Our six year olds! (Q is almost 6)

We had thought about renting canoes to paddle to the falls instead, but the river was so low they didn't recommend it.  The hike worked out better anyway.

Then it was beach time again.  Dave carried all of the things to the beach, the best is the bag of Ruffles bungeed to the pool noodle.  (I'll replace this texted one when I get the real version, but you get the idea for now)

As usual, it was hard to leave the beach, but we did drag ourselves away.  We decided to make a bunch of campfire nachos at our site, and that sort of ruined everyone's appetite, but they were yummy and it was worth it.  The kids kept themselves entertained.

We expected a bit of rain on Sunday so Dave got up early to start packing up.  It did rain briefly but everything stayed pretty dry on our site.  

We set up for a group photo but then needed to wait for someone to get back from the washroom so the kids played charades while they waited. 

Good kids!

A successful trip for sure.

Silly one!

Parents jumping (so graceful)

Kids running away!

Although we could have just hit the road, our family decided to get some ice cream and stop in Bracebridge to play mini-golf.  It meant we hit some traffic (although honestly could we really avoid all traffic?) but we did get home before 5:00 which was our ultimate goal.

E is the golf ball.

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