Friday, August 12, 2022

Cape Breton Recap Part 2

Here is the second installment of our trip to Cape Breton. You can see Part 1 here.

On Wednesday the dads took the kids to the "wildlife" park.  They have a variety of animals.


Meanwhile mom and I were having lunch. Cheers!

Back at the animal park...

They had this bouncy thing that the kids had fun on.

Dave was tired when he got back!

That night we took the kids to the drive in. We saw DC League of Super Pets (and didn't stay for the second show, Elvis).  Everyone stayed awake, even me!

We still put in some time at the firepit when we got back.

On Thursday Mom was heading home so we got a few photos.

Doing the Wordle.

Then we spent the rest of the hot day at the water. 
Chocolate milk on a 30+ degree day is not my first choice, but Q was pumped to find it in the cooler.

Then we hooked our floaties up to the buoy and drank out on the water for most of the afternoon.  This was my favourite part of the week.

Mandatory nap after that!

After supper we went out on the boat.

Everyone got a turn at the wheel.

Then we pulled up so some people could jump off and swim.

There goes Q!

S'mores with those huge marshmallows.

On Friday it was time to start leaving, sad face. We recreated the photo we took of these kids in 2018.

Lindsay, Amy and I have spent a lot of time together out here :) 

Another beautiful morning.

Then we went out to find some mussels.  

We went by Breton Brewing but they haven't changed their liquor licence since the last time we were there and we couldn't sit to have a drink because no kids are allowed. We did buy a couple beer and then picked up take out on the way home.

The kids played some games on the deck.

And I read my book in the shade.

Q and I played some ladder ball.

We cooked up the mussels after supper.

The kids played glow bowling - glow sticks in water bottles, and longer glow sticks for the lane.

Yes! I've eaten many a mussel in this same spot since my first time in Cape Breton in 2003!

Q tried a couple.

Cereal on the deck on Saturday morning.  

These girls were leaving so we got a photo with them.

A local cousin stopped over and the kids loved his dog.

Dave's parents' sailboat.

In the afternoon we went to the other side of the river to see some friends. 

I signed the pillar the first time I was there in 2005, before Dave and I were married.  It says "Assuming the boat ride is great, we had a wonderful time!".

The kids swam and played while we sat in the water and enjoyed some sangria.

Some of the older kids went out waterskiing and E got a turn.  He did awesome!

Sunday was our last day.  We went out to Louisbourg to eat brunch at the North Star.  This is a restaurant that Justin and Colin (of HGTV fame) bought and redid. It also has an inn on the property.  

Everything was very good!

We walked out to the edge of the property. You can see the Fortress of Louisbourg out there.

Kyla and E.

We drove out to the Fortress and then the lighthouse.  I have never really been out here but it was great.  Next time we will plan to do some of the hiking trails.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home.  I got Moon Mist (if you know, you know).

Then we finished packing up and went to the airport.  We had to connect through Montreal and despite a couple of delays, we made it home pretty much on time, with our luggage.  Everyone was happy to be in their own beds. 

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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday! I loved looking through your pics. Also glad to hear that you made it back with all your luggage too.