Monday, August 8, 2022

Not Just A Mom Link Up - Binge Watching TV Shows


Happy Monday!! I'm just returning from summer holiday and re-entry to real life will be rough!  I'll be recapping our trip at some point but I can't promise when!

Our topic for today's link up is Binge Watching TV Shows.  Check out the links to see what other people enjoy watching!  If you posted about this today, then please link up with us below.

To start with, do you remember the first show that you "binged"? I do, it was 24, and we watched them on the DVDs.  I think we also binged The Sopranos on the DVDs too. For 24, since we were in university, we stayed up late watching the shows and tried coordinating with others in the house to make sure we could share the TV, watch them together, or at least avoid spoilers!  Good times. 

Now, Dave and I can watch one or two shows a night, and we try to mix it up, so we get a bit of variety depending on what we feel like. There is so much content it's hard to keep up! 

A few I watch on my own:
Queer Eye
Any food show on Netflix
Conversations with Friends
My Next Guest

Ones just Dave watches:
The Boys
Umbrella Academy
Better Call Saul

And ones we both like:
Stranger Things
For All Mankind
Formula 1: Drive to Survive
Game of Thrones
Ted Lasso
The Crown
Wild Wild Country
Schitt's Creek
Breaking Bad
The Haunting of Hill House (and related shows)
The Queen's Gambit
Mare of Easttown
Downton Abbey
Anatomy of a Scandal
(I could go on!!)

On our radar
Under the Banner of Heaven
The Great
The Terminal List (we have watched one episode so far)
A Very British Scandal

If the show is too old with too many seasons, then I can't go back and watch it. And if someone says "It picks up by Season 3", then I'm also out.  As I said above, there is too much content out there so I need to be efficient!

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  1. Ohhh I forgot about The Queen’s Gambit— we loved that one!! Can’t wait to read about your trip :)

  2. i haven't heard from most of these. but i don't watch much tv.

  3. I agree with 2 of your points-- I have to get invested in the show by the end of season 1 or forget it and I have to be able to watch it in it's entirety without skipping a few of the earlier seasons!

  4. I totally agree that if someone it picks up in Season xx I'm out! Ain't nobody got time for that! I love Queer Eye and Stranger Things. And I SO LOVED Mare of Easttown!

  5. So many great shows! I love how you organized it. Fun fact, the Queens Gambit has Lexington references...and she plays chess at the high school where I teach (well, not the actual building--but same school)...and we have a 21C hotel that has a Queens Gambit room!