Friday, December 15, 2023

Friday Favourites


This is a Q heavy post, so I had to snap this photo of E to let you know he's still here!  His activities this week included practicing for his music recital and playing Fortnite.  

If you're local and want to attend a fun Christmas concert, please join us tonight.  Students from the local arts high school play, we have some talented singers, and there are always a few other fun touches.  I'll be at the door, but I'm not performing. 

Now, onto our week, which focused on Q ;)

he had soccer practice on Tuesday night and although they did the same drill for the whole time, it really kept the kids entertained and they learned a lot about passing back and then running up the field to receive a pass.  Meanwhile I did some Christmas shopping on my iPad.

It was the school's "winter" concert on Wednesday night.  E is too old for this now but Q was excited to sing.  They did very well.  

Then yesterday I volunteered at Q's field trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village. I looked after this group of cuties, and we nicknamed ourselves "the Chipmunks".

The tin shop (fun fact, the term tinsel came from old scraps of tin that were twisted for decoration)

This pretty tree is so simple but beautiful.

We made a craft.

A nice mom bought candies for the class.

Meeting the horse.

Help us, it's festive week at school next week, just in case we needed more to think about!

Earlier this week I said to my colleague that I wasn't feeling very festive, just because we are so busy with the house and with work.  So then I tried to be intentional about fitting in some holiday spirit when I could.  When Q and I were driving home from soccer, we drove around to look at lights (and count Santas), I put on some Christmas music while doing the dishes, and was excited to find some Christmas cards in the mailbox everyday.

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  1. Like families need one more thing to think about this time of year and then schools add in "festive days." Ugh. And I remember tinsel my grandma had which was very solid and we could bend it into shapes. It definitely wasn't the flimsy tinsel we had at our house!

  2. Ha yes, Alec has a few festive days next week too and I am so glad he's in high school and I don't have to think about it at all. If he wants to participate that is on him! LOL. It sounds like a fun week for sure.

  3. What a fun week! The field trip looks so interesting. I miss going on those with my kids. We don’t really do them with the preschool kids much. But I think we should-for me! LOL. Spirit week sounds great for the kids but as a parent I think it would send me over the edge during this busy time!