Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Weekend Recap

 We had a very productive and festive weekend.

First of all, our storage pod was delivered back to our house on Friday morning.  We haven't been able to take much out of it yet, but it was nice to see it back and everything looked to be in good shape.

I had a very busy work day so when a friend texted to suggest a pre-dinner egg nog at her house, I was very grateful.  It was a short visit, but so nice to have some time to enjoy the tree and her company.

Part of why I couldn't stay long was so I could attend this little concert at our church.  I was going to bring the boys but decided not to in the end. They instead helped Dave move their beds upstairs to their rooms and they were able to spend the night up there.  The concert was lovely and I was glad I took the time to enjoy some live festive music. 

On Saturday we were expecting a couple workers to come and do some finished touches to the kitchen and paint the stairs.  Unfortunately they didn't come, so that limited what we could do to move in.  But it did mean we were able to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. It has never been this clean!  The kitchen was not changed during the renovation, but it did get dusty and the cabinets were looking tired (as they did before we started the reno). 

Dave got the boys using the steam cleaner to get those nooks and crannies.  They were good helpers.

Vacuuming up the dust.

We seriously worked hard all day! Then the Ikea closet was delivered so Dave and E started building that up in our room. Needless to say, pizza was on the menu! After that arrived, we settled in to watch Spirited.

On Sunday morning Dave was back upstairs building the closet. I went to church but ducked out early so we could attend brunch with Santa at the golf club.

We all love a buffet!

Santa had a couple of gifts for the boys.

Then he did story time with hot chocolate.  

Then we went right over to E's music recital. This was his first recital playing the guitar. This time he had practiced a duet with his friend on piano.  And for the performance one of the teachers joined them with the drum. They did Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and did a great job!!

Well done boys!!

When we got home, the Ikea closet building continued.  We had leftover pizza and then watched a Muppet's Christmas Carol.

Just a few things left to do before the big day!

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  1. Ahhhh -- so exciting the kids are sleeping in their rooms!!! So close to being done!!!