Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  We're getting closer to Christmas and I've hardly done any shopping since last week.  You know it was a busy week when you had two photos. 

Monday was a recovery day from the weekend and on Tuesday I was at the office until 8:00.  December is usually a busy time of year in our business with trying to get contracts signed by the end of the year. 

We decided that the tutoring we had the boys in wasn't really doing the trick, so instead we are going to try and devote more time to school work at home.  This was our first week without tutoring and although Monday was a success of doing some homework and reading, by the time Thursday (or other regular tutoring night) rolled around, we were fizzled out, plus Q has soccer on Thursday nights so we didn't have a lot of time anyway. We will try again over the weekend and next week.

E went to the church on Wednesday night to do some baking with the youth group for the out of the cold dinner happening tonight.  A local Anglican church hosts this for people that need a warm meal every Friday, and our church helps wth food prep a couple of times a year. The festive little packets of shortbreads will be well received I'm sure!

Please join us on Monday for our last instalment of the year for "Not Just a Mom"!  We will be sharing our favourite books and/or series.  We will also be unveiling a rebrand and the list of topics for next year!

We were not able to host our annual Christmas Party this year due to our house renovation.  I had several people ask me with slight worry in their voices "are you having your party this year?" as in maybe we had left them off the guest list! I assured everyone they are always welcome but not this year.  We are hoping to get back upstairs next Friday. 

Some fun Christmas things from this week - getting our Christmas cards all written and mailed (with a few hand deliveries left to do), my office building's annual holiday breakfast, watching Office Christmas Party, some (slightly overbooked but still edible) shortbreads that E brought home with him, and finding a holiday shirt to wear when I volunteered at Pizza Day at the school.

No school for the kids today.  Q is off at a baseball camp for the day and E will probably find some friends.  Dave and I have another Christmas party to attend tonight.

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  1. It definitely sounds like you have all been very busy!

  2. The shortbreads will be very delicious! I love how they have been packaged with cute red and white paper. Good luck moving to the upstairs part of the house next week and I hope you had a lovely Christmas party. We had our work party yesterday. I love this time of the year even though it's so busy!

  3. I'm hoping our holiday cards arrive this week so I can get them sent out over next weekend. We're behind this year!