Friday, December 29, 2023

Friday Favourites - 2023 Edition


Some of my favourite things from 2023:

Song - You Should Probably Leave by Chris Stapleton

Movie - Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning

TV Show - The Bear 

Book - Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

YouTube Video - Alex Murdaugh Trial Live Stream

Meal - Dinner at Carbone in Miami. Everything was perfection.

Drink - Lemon Water (with honey and hot water when sick, with Perrier as a "cocktail", and with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper in the morning).  New hack, freeze the gingerroot and it's easier to grate.

New Clothing - Athleta Tank Tops

Toronto Moment - Checking out the new renovations at the Skydome (Rogers Centre) where the Blue Jays play.  The new areas are so cool and really enhance the ballpark experience. 

Canada Moment - Pulling together to fight the forest fires.  They seemed to be all over the place and our brave first responders did what they always do and saved homes, land, and people where they could.

House Thing - Of all of the renovations we did, it's pretty hard to choose one thing, but I think it's our bathroom.  However not sharing photos yet, I need to organize the "unveiling" post.

Restaurant - Walrus Pub and Beer Hall

E Thing - E is in Grade 7 this year and he has found a nice group of friends.  We finally got him his own phone and it has been a nice way for him to mature and keep in touch with his friends, and us. He still needs some prompting to make non-video game plans, but he's getting there!

Q Thing - Q walks to school with E every day.  I think he likes this independence and seeing the other kids on his way to school. He's only in Grade 2 but getting to walk without a parent is a big deal to him.

Dave Thing - Dave changed jobs, in the same space, but new company.  As usual he is well-liked by his new colleagues and he enjoyed a couple of work trips to Florida and Vegas in the fall.  

Memories - Jay Peak skiing in a blizzard, and watching the parade at Magic Kingdom

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  1. This is such a fun look back on the year...all the big and small things. Can't wait to see your renovation reveal.

  2. What a wonderful list of favorites for the year. I can not wait to see the edition reveal post(s)! I hope you feel it was well worth the work, wait, and aggravation.

  3. I have Demon Copperhead to read when we get home and I agree, the renovations at the Skydome are pretty great!