Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Let's Look - Stocking Stuffers

Okay, I was supposed to swap November's topic with this one.  So if you're looking for my top comforts you can check out last month's post.  But for any Santas still looking to fill those stockings, this post is for you. 

For myself, ahem, things I like to get in my stocking are: 

Coffee beans, Andes mints, soap, dish towels/cloths, something to read like a magazine or a simple book, and lottery tickets. Some other ideas for someone like me (although I don’t really need them myself right now):

Saje Rollers - Peppermint Halo and Immune would be appreciated by anyone.

Lipgloss - I love the Fresh brand but there are lots of other options at the drug store too. 

Face Masks- These are affordable and a nice treat

Hair Elastics

Hand Cream

For the kids, Santa usually brings things that we would never buy, like Nutella and sugary cereal.  (“Of course Santa is real, Mom would never buy Nutella!!”). They also usually get some socks, underwear, hot chocolate packets, and some candy.  If you’re looking for some ideas for games or little toys, we like these ones:

Nee Doh- these are fun in any form they come in

Sushi Go

Exploding Kittens

Monopoly Deal

My husband usually finds some cashews, Toffeefee, golf balls, and beers in his stocking.  Last year he also got these things:

Cord Organizers

Charger Cord Collars

Wallet Ninja

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  1. Oh, I love the idea of the kids getting Nutella in their stockings! Our tradition is to always get a Christmas orange. I have no idea how it started but that's what we get!

  2. Lottery tickets are a perfect stocking stuffer idea! I never thought of this. I’ll be sure to add them this year.