Thursday, December 28, 2023

Monthly Musings


1. How do you ring in the New Year?
We usually find ourselves at a house party.

2. Any special New Year's Eve or New Year's Day traditions?
My traditions always revolve around food - we often try to get some oysters for New Year's Eve and then have a big brunch on New Year's Day.

3. Favourite New Year's Eve memories?
Remember Y2K?  That New Year's I was at a party and when the clock changed to 12:00 am of the year 2000, someone at the party unplugged the TV so we would think something was happening.  But it was all fine of course! I also remember going to a party at a hotel in downtown Halifax one year, and also planning a gathering at Garrison's Brewery in Halifax.  One year when it was just Dave and me, we had oysters and he stabbed his hand with the oyster opener.  He was okay but it did take a bit of the wind out of the night! A couple of times when I was a private practice lawyer, I had some New Year's Eve closings (when businesses are sold) which kept me there all day and into the evening to make sure everything was signed and closed. Another year we went downtown to watch the World Juniors Hockey game and then talked to Dave's cousin and his wife on the phone and did limoncello shots. Needless to say we were in bed before midnight that night!  And the last few years at a neighbour house party has always led to some dancing, singing, and games. 

4. Show us some New Year's Eve outfits.
I like to wear something sparkly.

5. What are you most looking forward to in 2024?
Getting our house in shape. Our new furniture will arrive in a couple of weeks and we have more organizing to do.  I only have one trip planned (to Newfoundland in June) but I'm hoping to get a few more things in the calendar. 

6. Asleep by 10:00 pm or ring in the New Year?
We usually stay up.

7. Do you have a word or goals for 2024?
Don't wait.  We don't know what is around the corner and if you wait to take the trip or throw the party or do the renovation or change jobs until it's the "right" time, that time may never come.

8. Best self-care tips to share in the New Year?
Schedule it. Carve out time in your day for a workout, book the massage, plan for quality time with spouse, kids or friends.  Sometimes you may need to make adjustments but if it's already in your calendar, then you'll be more likely to do it.

9. Paper planner? Electronic planner? None? Favourite brands or apps?
I just use my Outlook calendar from work and put in all my personal things too (they are private to everyone else).  And then I just invite Dave to those family things so they are in his Outlook too.  We got used to having a wall calendar this fall so I think we will continue with that so the kids can see what's going on too.

10.  Black-eyed peas of New Year's Day - yea or nay?
I first thought this was referring to the song by the Black-Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling", which I've heard is the unofficial theme song for New Year's Eve, and my answer would have been "Sure!", I like the Black-Eyed Peas, but then I realized this meant the food.  So, no we don't have these anytime of the year, let alone on New Year's Day.

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  1. That answer to #10 made me laugh; I would be all for the song too but definitely not the food. LOL I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year. I can't wait to see the new furniture!

  2. I am totally with you on oysters at New Years. We are also big fans of the World Junior Hockey playoffs. Happiest of New Years and thank you for joining us.

  3. Yes, don't wait is great advice! And HAHAHA to your #10 answer!!!

  4. I initially thought of the GROUP Black-Eyed Peas too! haha I love your word for the year and your self-care tips. Great advice and you're so right about making appointments in order to make sure we look after ourselves. Have a very happy New Year!

  5. Love the NYE outfit pic...that's a great photo of you and Dave. Your self-care tips are on point! I need to take note. My mom always made black eyed peas on NYE, and we'd have to eat as many as our age for good luck. haha

  6. I cracked up at your answer on the last question because I thought the same thing! Love your sparkly top too :)

  7. I like the sound of limoncello shots over the phone and singing, dancing and games with your neighbours! We are having a super low-key New Year's Eve with a couple of friends at their house. I thought that question 10 was about the band as well. But now I'm still confused because I haven't heard of eating black-eyed peas on New Year's haha! I'll have to google this.