Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Weekend Recap

 We kicked off our weekend with our annual Home Alone night.  We order cheese pizza, drink (diet) Pepsi, and make ice cream sundaes.  And watch the movie of course!

I like that this year's Pepsi had the old logo on it, it's the one from the movie!

It had been a long week so we tried to get the kids to bed somewhat early, and then Dave and I watched the last two episodes of Welcome to Wrexham. 

On Saturday morning I got up early to do some work that I was unable to finish on Friday, and when the boys got up, they huddled together to play on their devices. 

After swimming lessons, we stopped by our church's craft fair.  We weren't too interested in the crafts, but we did find a few things at the baking table.

Then Dave and I donned our fancy clothes to go to a party.

They had a huge charcuterie spread done directly on the island countertop (on top of brown paper).

They also had a pizza chef. Dave got a few notes.

Some photo booth fun!

What is great is that we can leave the kids by themselves now and don't need to organize a sitter. However, they were still awake when we got home around 11:30. Tsk tsk. 

On Sunday Q went to a birthdy party and E went to a friend's to make stop motion videos with Legos.   I did some grocery shopping and a Peloton ride.  Dave got a couple of decorations set up outside.

Then Q ran down the street to mail his letter to Santa.

We watched Home Alone 2 and had a couple of egg nogs before supper.  I like the Oat Nog with Jamesons and Kahlua.  Dave likes the regular nog with spiced rum.


  1. You’ve inspired me to do a home alone night this Friday! The party you went to looks pretty amazing. Wow to the charcuterie spread and pizza chef!!

  2. WoW! That charcuterie spread looks AMAZING! And tell Dave he needs to write a blog post sharing his learned pizza tips and skills :) Also, yes, it's great we don't need to get a sitter but it sucks that they're always awake when we get home. You win some, you lose some...