Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Weekend Recap

 We had lots of holiday fun this weekend.  First of all there was no school on Friday so we signed Q up for a baseball camp.  He has been here before but wasn't sure if he wanted to go, however as soon as he got there he picked up a ball and joined in the warm up. 

That evening Dave and I went downtown for my work party.  It was at the Oliver and Bonacini restaurant on Front and Yonge. We had a lovely meal and it was nice to get dressed up.

We had a slow morning.  I grabbed this photo of E before he squirmed away.

Then we walked up the street with the intention of buying a couple of Christmas gifts.  We were very successful and got a couple of people marked off the list, and with the bonus of doing some local shopping.

We all got a Booster Juice. 

And then on our way home we decided to stop in at a pub for an actual late lunch.

Christmas movies and charcuterie for supper.  We also went out to hand deliver some cards. 

On Sunday morning we all went to church, yes, even Dave, for the annual pageant. This was a hybrid of a video and some live readings and "tableau".  The kids did a great job!

Then we went to get a Christmas tree.  Although we can't put it up yet, we were worried there may not be any left if we waited until next week.  

I was there too!

In the afternoon I did some more shopping, and spent way too much time at Walmart, I really do hate that place, it sucks the soul from my body.  But I did get our parcels mailed out so that was a success. The boys went to the golf simulator place. 

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  1. I got your card yesterday and it's so great! Ours are still on order -- ugh. Hoping to have them so we can send them out this weekend. Fingers crossed! That pageant looks so meaningful, but also very fun :)