Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Let's Look - Biggest Fears

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look.  Today's topic is our Biggest Fears. Here are my fears, in the order in which I thought of them:

Snakes. Honestly, this was the first one I thought of, even before some more serious ones below.  I thought about ending the post with this.  I know most snakes that I will ever encounter are harmless, but they still give me the heebie-jeebies.  I saw a snake this summer while we were camping that was on the ground under the bridge I was standing on and I ran away before I could think twice.  We all have our irrational fears, and this one is mine. Even though I like the outdoors, and golfing, I am always thinking "this looks like a place where a snake would live" and cut down on time spent there.  See this article about a home in my area (not exactly sure where but close enough!) that was overrun with snakes.  I would have burnt the place to the ground.

Not having a safe home.  This could mean that we are at risk of a natural disaster or something more sinister like terrorists or criminals.  People that lived in Ukraine and Israel would probably have thought their homes were safe, just like people who were in the path of wildfires and flood waters, but that has proven untrue over the past few months.  We are fortunate we live where we do, but I know that could change. 

Something happening to my children.  This one I have put out of my mind so I am not paralyzed by this fear. But if you're a parent, you have run through all of those terrible possibilities in your mind so you know what I'm talking about. 

Flying. I do not like flying. I will do it, but I always check the safety manual, confirm where my life vest is, grip the seat with every strange noise, and say a prayer as we take off.  

Bears. I am afraid of bears when we are camping or hiking. In Ontario we only have black bears, not grizzlies, but I'm not keen to run across one.  We are that campsite that is properly "bear proof", no food or anything that even relates to food left out overnight or when we leave the site during the day. Nothing scented in our tent, everything needs to be in the car. 

(not my photo)

Water leaks/Rodents. These sort of go hand in hand because if there is any tiny noise in our house, I have to investigate.  We have had both and neither one is fun.

Cross-contamination. No double dipping, no putting a knife or spoon back into food container if it has been licked or touched something else.  Reducing the need to touch raw meat with my bare hands, not putting down meat wrappers on the counter, wiping down the sink, really soaping up and scrubbing the cutting board. Getting rid of leftovers over 4 days old, no exceptions. 

Heights. My fear is based on whether I tripped and fell while at said height, would I fall to my death. So for example, I’m fine in tall buildings and where there are balconies. But the side of a cliff or in a ski lift/gondola, on a ladder, rock climbing, I want to get down!! As a comparison, Dave’s fear of heights is based in whether he will hurl himself over the edge of whatever it is, so he does not like being near the balcony of a tall building. He did not like being at the top of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but since it was all caged in, I was fine  

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  1. I should do a part two post because I'm afraid of all of the ones that you have on your list. It's so true that you need to stop yourself from thinking about something happening to your kids otherwise its so easy to fall down a never-ending pit of fear! A video came up on my Instagram feed about some bears surprising a family who were picnicking. They just stayed very still until the bear devoured everything. I was holding my breath as I was watching. Very scary!!