Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Weekend Recap

 We celebrated Q's birthday this weekend starting on Thursday night when Dave and Q were at the baseball game. Lucky kid got a new Bichette jersey.

He woke up 7 years old.  Special scones for breakfast. 

And a shot for the grid on Instagram.

A table of gifts was waiting for him when he got home. We decided to open gifts before we went out for supper.

Very excited about his new dino toy.

New coat, we'll be able to spot him a mile away!

Then we went to The Greater Good for arcade games and pizza.

Dave and I split the Killer Bee and the boys had pepperoni.  There was lots left to bring home for lunch the next day.

We had some cupcakes when we got home, and we watched Amazing Race.

On Saturday it was time for Q's party.  We were doing a joint party with his friend.  The moms spent the morning setting up.

Time to party!

We had such a beautiful day for a mostly outdoor party.

Bouncy Castle getting set up just in time.

Then the kids played some soccer.

E and his friend helped out.

We had hid some small dinosaurs around the property so the kids looked for them and whoever had the most got a prize.

Some pass the present between pizza and cake.

We didn't need much to eat when we got home, but we did have some hot chocolate and popcorn, and then watched a movie.

We had an easy Sunday morning until it was time for church.  When we got home Q worked on his homework.

Then we biked to High Park to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  The new bike lanes on Bloor are controversial but I really liked that we were finally able to bike to High Park as a family.  We never wanted Q to be on the road, but with the bike lanes it is just safer.  

Some baseball practice.

And we stopped at Kinton Ramen on our way home for supper, and then got home and got ready for the week. 

Phew, birthday weekends are full but so fun!

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  1. Q’s birthday weekend sounds so fun! I love how happy he looks in all the photos. The pizza looks delicious and the birthday party must have been amazing! Happy birthday Q, enjoy being 7!