Wednesday, October 18, 2023

How We Pack For Trips

As we set out for our holiday tomorrow, I wanted to do a "How We" post today on how we pack for trips.

We share two large suitcases for our family of four.  This has worked for us so far but I'm sure it won't last for much longer.  Dave and I each have a suitcase and then split the boys' stuff. 

(As you can see we don't have packing cubes.)

I don't bring things I don't need, duh, but what I mean is that I don't bring a hair dryer or shampoo/conditioner since I know they will have that at the hotel room. 

That said, I will bring beach towels with us, but they are small and I only bring two.  If you're not sure what the towel situation is like, then having your own works better. 

I set out everything I could possibly want for clothes, and then subtract. If we are going for 7 days, so I need 14 shirts? No. Do I need 4 pairs of shoes? Maybe (haha). For this trip, since we are going to be walking around all day, I am considering three pairs of sneakers, plus my Birkenstocks for evening.  

I make notes (paper or on my phone) of things that I'll need to stick in just before we leave, like glasses, something that was in the wash, watch charger, etc. 

Plan for any occasion where I could be cold (which I hate). Even in warm climates, a cardigan or sweatshirt may be needed in air conditioned places.  My airplane outfit always includes socks, pants or long skirt, and covered shoulders, and I will bring a scarf to use as a blanket if required.

We put Airtags in our luggage so we can be certain they are coming with us and not left behind.  Even if there isn't much we can do about it, at least we know where they are.

I always bring a water bottle. It's great for filling up after security for the plane rather than spending $7 on water, and it's great for the hotel room instead of drinking out of those tiny glasses.

We are those people who unpack our suitcases immediately upon returning.

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  1. I almost always pack a water bottle too! I like having my own to fill up.