Thursday, October 5, 2023

How We Cook Without a Kitchen

In case you're not tired of hearing about this yet, we have been living in our basement since June while our house is being renovated.  We don't have a formal kitchen down there but we have been doing okay at putting together our meals.  A bit of how we are managing so far:

- We have a small fridge (formally just for beer and wine), small deep freeze, microwave, induction burner, and BBQ (with side burner). 

- We have a counter and our table to prepare food on.

- As a rough rule of thumb, meals with more than five ingredients are often too frustrating.  

- Common suppers - BBQd chicken, fish (also BBQd), burgers, sausages, pasta made with bottled sauce, and Kraft Dinner. We can do vegetables and rice in the microwave and roast potatoes on the BBQ.  

- Breakfast is mostly cereal, frozen waffles, and eggs. 

- I have made two meals in the slow cooker (that did have more than five ingredients) and they turned out well. I need to do more of that. 

- We do go out for dinner and order food, but not as much as you might think.  We have been trying to eat healthier meals since the beginning of October to take out doesn't really help that. 

- It's hard to prepare meals in advance or have lots of leftovers since our fridge is too small to store a lot of things.

- It is annoying to do dishes by hand all the time, we usually need to do two rounds of dishes per day.  We occasionally use paper plates, although I don't love doing so.  

- Food we haven't had in awhile - lasagna, chicken fingers and casserole, basically anything that needs an oven.

- At the beginning of the summer we often ate our meals outside when we could, but then there were just too many wasps so we would just eat inside.

We're going to be down here for a couple more months yet, so we'll see how our meals look by the end!


  1. Your meals sound great considering the limited space and appliances you have. Slow cooker meals do sound like a good way to go for variety. When we renovated our kitchen a couple of years ago we used a microwave, slow cooker and rice cooker. But our reno only took weeks not months. I hope the days go by fast for you and me so I can see your beautiful new spaces!

  2. Y'all are doing amazing. I bet it's been a big adjustment, but it will be so worth it.