Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Weekend Recap

 I don't have any many pictures from this weekend.  It was pretty ordinary, which is just fine, we needed that. 

On Friday night E was invited out with the friend that we took out last weekend. They went to the same sushi place. The rest of us had hamburgers.  After supper Q and I went for a walk around the block to see the Halloween decorations.

Keeping with the theme, we watched the Haunted Mansion house on Disney+.  It was really good! And now maybe we can go on that ride next week, no one wanted to go on it with me last time. 

On Saturday morning I went for a run by the river, it was so nice, not too cold, but very pleasant.  I took the kids to swimming, while Dave went to the mall to buy some new shorts for our trip.  The kids played with our neighbour for a bit and I walked up to get my nails done.  I chose red for Mickey :)

Dave was cooking our ribs for supper.  Even though our kitchen is mostly unusable, we were able to use the oven to cook these.  And then finished them off on the BBQ.

After supper we watched the Leafs game and the Great British Baking Show. 

Dave and E went for a run on Sunday morning (E's next race is today), and then we went to church.

Dave left for the airport mid-afternoon (he will be in Florida for a conference and then we join him on Thursday night).
E went golfing, toque required!

Q lazed around watching TV (although he had played outside earlier), and I did a 45 minute Peloton ride. 

After we picked up E from the golf course, we went to Queen Margherita Pizza.  We haven't been there for awhile, they had a new menu so I tried a new pizza.  The boys stuck with their usual.  My pizza was good but I like my standard order better!!

Home after that and got ready for the week.

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  1. That's a great Halloween decoration! So far I have only spotted one house on my walk to and from work that is decorated for Halloween. But I shouldn't really say anything because I haven't decorated either! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and those ribs look so delicious.