Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday Favourites


Friday! It was a short week for us, but lots going on and next week we are going on holiday!

Adding to this week's activity is the current events in Israel and Gaza, it is a lot to take in. Someone posted this yesterday and I thought it was worthwhile to share.  It seems like everyone and their dog has something to post, even to the point of organizations/businesses who I feel are only posting something because people have said "why aren't you saying anything?".  Myself, I don't typically post a bunch on current affairs or share links to what others post, but it certainly doesn't mean I don't care or have an opinion. I just prefer to learn on my own, and listen, rather than just talk for talking's sake. That said, I'm glad for many of the voices out there that are sharing important information and views.

The Grade 7 students get three vaccines this year, but since Public Health is scheduled to come to the school when we are away, we booked a separate appointment for E to get his shots.  He was a good boy and didn't cry once ;). I remembered when he was a baby, he never really got too upset getting his shots, mostly just a shriek but could calm down pretty quickly.

We watched the mini-series on David Beckham this week.  I loved it. I must have said several times (maybe out loud) "he's just so good looking!". It was striking, every haircut, every outfit, just hot. Plus he seems like a genuinely nice person, despite being the superstar that he was. 

On Wednesday I made Lauren's soup recipe. I have had this saved since she posted it a couple of years ago and I finally made it.  It was very good, even without the onions that I forgot!

Insensitive by Jann Arden is just one of the best songs. I got to attend an event last night where Jann was the speaker. She sang a few bars of “Good Mother” at the end, and sounded so good. If you know and love Jann, you’ll be happy to know she did the impression of her mom’s voice :)

The Maple Leafs started their season this week and we all gathered around to watch the game.  We even treated ourselves to some beer.  Great start to the season, we will try to watch more of the games, along with the Raptors of course.  

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  1. It's incredibly sad to see what is going on in Israel and Gaza. I'm glad E was brave when he got his vaccinations and I totally agree that David Beckham is hot! I'll have to watch the mini-series. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I need to watch this David Beckham documentary ASAP...haha