Friday, October 6, 2023

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!! And it's a Friday of a long weekend so even better :)

I saw these beautiful mums when I got off the subway the other day. I love the colours!

On Wednesday night we stayed a hotel as the spray foam insulation was going into our house and you're not supposed to be there for 24 hours.  We were out by the airport and I caught this pretty sky when I went to get breakfast. It was actually more pink than this photo shows, but I still captured the beauty.

Q wanted a photo with all of his stuffies had set up while we were watching the British Baking Show. 

The boys participated in their cross-country races yesterday.  They did so well.  Q ran his heart out and ended up around 30th overall, and E ran his best time ever and squeaked into the top 40 meaning he will get to move onto to the next round. We are very proud, their training paid off!

The Grade 7 Boys from E's school

Our friend that we camp with.

After the race.

This is Quinn's group ready to go.

On the skincare/cosmetic spectrum, I'm on the lower end of buying. I like certain special things but I try to keep it to a minimum.  That said, I was influenced to buy this cream the other day at Sephora. 

When Nordstrom left Canada I was mostly disappointed that I no longer had a source for the Vuori brand, but fear not Canadians, The Running Room sells Vuori!  I was there the other day with Dave when he was picking out his shoes and I was so excited to see it in store, I had to buy myself a sweatshirt

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!

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  1. Those mums look beautiful. I have to admit that when I read the word mums I expected to see some ladies as we call our mothers mums, haha! I keep hearing about The Great British Bake Off, I might watch it soon as it sounds fun and interesting. Well done to your boys on the cross country, great results!

  2. That sunrise is beautiful! Congrats to both boys on their cross country races.