Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Weekend Recap

 Happy Halloween!! 

We returned from our holiday on Friday afternoon, and our house construction workers were in the basement working on some of the boiler work, so we needed to gather in our room until they were tidied up and out of there.  And then Dave and I had clean up before we could start unpacking.  It was good to be home though. 

That night we watched Amazing Race and got to bed early.

On Saturday morning, I went for a walk. I wanted to see the fall colours and I didn't want to get all sweaty with a run. And this way I could catch up on some podcasts and go through the woods for a bit of a hike.

I love this woods trail because a lot of people don't know about it, and it feels very remote, yet still very close to the path (so it's safe enough if you need to run from coyotes or vagrants!).

Dave had a golf game on Saturday, the club's fun "Pumpkin Scramble" where they do some fun things with the tee boxes and holes.  Meanwhile the kids played with Lego and I did some computer work.

Then we had swimming lessons. You're not supposed to take photos in the pool, but I snuck this one of just E doing his laps so I thought that was okay. 

Then we went on a search for a gluten free cupcake for one of E's friends, and were semi-successful. And then we bought ourselves these very gluten-filled cookies.  So decadent, are we still on vacation?!

We went to Walmart for Halloween things, and the local produce store for pumpkins. (The Harry Potter thing is actually for Christmas, E convinced me to buy this blow up. It's supposed to be for his room, but it's 4 feet tall!)

I made a late afternoon snack like my aunt used to make us.  Cut up apples, but with some chocolate chips and marshmallows thrown in, I forgot about the raisins though!  We each got a bowl and it was exactly what we needed.

After Dave got home we watched the F1 Quali, and then I went downtown to meet some friends.  We ate at The Keg and got drinks at the Fairmont.   We are going to Miami next week together so this was a good time to review our itinerary :)

It was a late night, but I didn't have too much trouble getting up the next day and even did a 20 minute Peloton before church. 

Then it was time for E's belated birthday party.  We took 8 of his friends (plus E and Q so 10 kids total) down to The Rec Room for some food and arcade games. Although we probably could have fit everyone in our cars and driven down, I did not want to go in and out of the city on a Sunday afternoon, so we took the subway (under 13 is still free). It was a good adventure for the boys, especially when service was briefly suspended between Ossington and Broadview and we wondered if we needed to get a shuttle bus, but then service resumed and we were on our way. 

They all had fun at the various games.

I brought these cupcakes with us.

and we sang Happy Birthday.

We didn't do a birthday party package, just paid for the bracelets and ordered some appetizers for the boys to graze on. Not sure if we saved money with what we did, but the birthday package seemed geared towards smaller kids.  They are a great group of kids and some even wrote out some nice cards to E and how he's such a nice friend.  

We got everyone back home, ate some of the leftover pizza, watched the Mexico F1 race and got to bed. 

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