Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Weekend Recap

It was a long weekend for us and an extra long weekend for the kids with no school on Friday.  Q attended a baseball camp for the day and E spent most of the day with a friend, who later came out for supper with us that night.  

On Saturday morning we got ourselves organized for the weekend, went to the first swimming lessons and then drove to Dave’s parents’ house.  The Brigden Fair was on so we went there for a couple of hours.  It had been somewhat warm in Toronto when we left, but we needed our jackets and pants for the fair! Fall is here!

The kids went on a couple of rides.

We visited some animals and bought some kettle corn.

I went to church on Sunday with Dave’s mom. The Sunday School had made this turkey with all of the things people were thankful for.

Dave and E had gone for a run, then Q and I went for a run (just 1 km for Q, then I dropped him off at home while I did the rest of my run).  After lunch and the F1 race it was soccer in the backyard time.

Time for Thanksgiving dinner.

All very good!

The drive home was pretty good. I love driving through the farm land in Southern Ontario.

When we got home I decided to go for a walk by myself. I saw a few fish jumping in the river.  The tree colours aren’t that vibrant (due to the fact we haven’t had very cold weather yet) but it was still pretty down there.

Pizza ordered for supper, some leftover pie for dessert, and a round of Great British Baking Show.


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  1. The pumpkin turkey is precious! Looks like a lovely Thanksgiving.