Monday, October 16, 2023

Little Things

Last week I saw this post shared by a few people on Instagram.  It was a good reminder of the little things that mean so much, even when we don't realize them at the time. 

I wanted to do a Little Things post to remind myself of my fortunes.

Walking to School - The boys walk to school together and it's wonderful for so many reasons, Dave or I only have to drive to school once a day (to get Q from after school care), the boys get some fresh air, time with each other, and opportunities to see neighbours and friends on the way.

Buying Dental Floss - I never used to floss my teeth so I always had tons of dental floss since I had the stuff the dentist gave me each visit.  Now I am a gold star dental patient and I am always proud when I need to buy new dental floss.

Sweaty Hair - It is so satisfying to have completed a workout, that I am healthy to do so and that I have time and resources.

Vacuuming carpet - I know that's random, but I really do love switching from hardwood or tile onto a carpet, it's so satisfying.

Morning on the subway - More specifically I love the random smells of everyone as we make our way down to the subway, change lines, and then get onto work.  I know that's weird, but it's the combination of hair products, perfume, clothing, etc. as people move around (it's not as good in the afternoons on the way home, haha!) is just a reminder of everything just trying to live their life, no one better than anyone else. 

Kids in our bed - For what seemed like many years, we often had a kid making their way into our room in the middle of the night that usually resulted in (a) being squished off to the side while we all tried to sleep, (b) trying to carry them back to their own bed, and maybe staying there with them, or (c) someone (ahem, me) going to sleep in the kids' bed, leaving the kid in the big bed. None of these things were ideal.  Very rarely now does anyone come in to our room, but every so often Q will come in early in the morning to snuggle in with us, and this past weekend, E came in. Since it doesn't happen all the time now, it was nice to have that extra time with them. 


  1. I shared that poem as well. This week has been hard.

  2. The poem really puts things into perspective. I love your list of little things, I was smiling as I read along 😊