Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Let's Look - Top Comforts in Life


Oops! I did the wrong topic. I forgot the hosts switched it up. Oh well!!

With the clocks going back this last weekend, it is dark in the evenings when I'm coming home from work.  This month's Let's Look topic is perfect - our top comforts - since all I want to do is be cozy when it is dark and cold out. My own link up series, Not Just a Mom, is going to share our Comfort Foods on Monday so I'll be talking about non-food comfort items here. 

My Barefoot Dreams cardigan - some of you may know this as the "blardigan", a term coined by blogger Sheaffer. I got one of these based on her recommendation and I have loved it ever since, my mom has one too.  I wear this at home almost non-stop in the fall and winter months.  I even wear it to bed when I'm feeling a little chilly.  

Barefoot Dreams blanket - this is just a big version of my sweater that we all like to snuggle up with.  I've even gifted a few of these, it is just so soft. 

Barefoot Dreams scarf - I got this in San Francisco a number of years ago and I've never seen it for sale since.  The one on their website isn't the same one I have.  I have several winter scarves but I always seem to choose this one.  I also love having it when I'm travelling in the winter in case I'm in a drafty hotel room or restaurant.  

Vuori Sweatpants - these are thin sweatpants, and I wear the two pairs I have all the time, either around the house or out. The black pair is my go to travel outfit. 

Sorel slippers - to complete my winter at-home uniform are these slippers. 

Weighted Blanket - who knew how much I would love this, but I do! It's so satisfying to get under the weighted blanket to sleep.  I wish I could travel with it!

Pillow - speaking of comfortable, we have these pillows, and we love them.  I have even taken this with me on a trip (a road trip not in airplane luggage).  I see they are buy one get one free right now if you're interested!

Ugg Boots - The other day I got my Uggs out of storage and wore them to work.  When I put them on at the end of the day, I noted just how cozy they were to put on and made sure to mention them for this post.  My particular style isn't on their website, but they are similar to the ones I linked but with a zipper not a button.

Aritzia mittens - I treated myself to these mittens last year and now I want an entire coat made of this material.  I bought them in white which means I'm paranoid about getting them dirty, but I think they are the best for our cold winters.

I know that as a society we often feel like we aren't living our lives properly if we aren't super busy, engaged, and productive.  But as it gets darker and colder, we should remember it's okay to slow down, to relax, keep warm, and conserve our energy. 

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  1. So many cozy comforts! I have a fleecy nightgown that would be my number one cozy comfort in winter. When it’s super cold I will even leave it on when I go to bed.

  2. I LOVE my weighted blanket and miss it when we aren't home.