Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Florida Keys Recap

For the second part of our Florida vacation, we drove down to the Keys. (See the first part here.) We rented a white Mustang convertible and hit the road.  We stopped in at a Starbucks and a Target on the way.

Our waiter at Carbone had recommended a dive bar in Key Largo, Sharkey's, so we went there.  It was certainly a dive bar, but it hit the spot. Great waterfront views, cold beer, and fresh shrimp.

We put the top down for the rest of our drive to our hotel

We were staying at Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada - what a beautiful spot!  Very luxurious and a great way to end the trip.

We went right to the pool.

Ahh, a mojito in the pool, life is complete.

The resort has the longest fishing pier in the Florida Keys, and people were out there fishing all the time, clearly one of the draws to this place.

I mean! The views from our balcony.

My new dress from Nordstrom.

Even the night views are nice.

We had dinner at the resort, with the sounds of the waves and some live music.  It was a nice evening and the mahi mahi I ordered was so good. 

The next morning we sat on the balcony when we got up and even saw some dolphins!  We ordered breakfast to our room while we tidied up to get ready to leave :(  We did contemplate abandoning our families and just staying, but finally decided to go back to the real world.

Although we were checked out of our room, we didn't have to leave until late in the day, so we enjoyed time by the pool. 

A little gecko.

Waiting for our car to be brought around.  Cindy had used the Target bag for her stuff by the pool and we were joking that she should do an influencer video "a lot of you have been asking where I got my beach bag", hahah.

I sat in the backseat on our way back to Miami.

Made the obligatory stop at the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

This is their back garden where we enjoyed our pie.

Our flight was delayed again so we didn't end up leaving until 11:30 pm and landed at 2:30 am.  But I'll take that time since it meant we got to spend that day by the pool.

If you can get away with friends, I recommend it.  It's a different trip than with your family and we make it a priority to meet up at least once a year to really catch up and take some time for ourselves. 


  1. We went to the Keys last December and the weather was awful. Hopefully it will be better this year! That key lime pie place has a cool backyard! Maybe I'll have to check it out!

  2. Now I want a tropical vacation!!!

  3. Those views!!! I would definitely have contemplated leaving my family too LOL!! I loved reading your recaps and yes I want to know more about the Target bag and where can I get one?! 😂

  4. That sounds fabulous! I have always wanted to go to the keys.