Thursday, November 16, 2023

Renovation Update

We have made a bit more progress with our renovations since my last update in September. The number one question I get is “when is it going to be done?” And the answer is “I don’t know”.  I know what they have left to do but my experience with renovations (so extensive!!) is that saying, “we’re almost done, we just need to do x, y, and z” that the actual list is more extensive than that and we aren’t “almost” done at all.  Regardless, here we are, and if we aren’t in before Christmas, life will continue. 

Air conditioning work, lots of hoses and vent holes, but minimal bulkheads.

Coming down from the attic in through the closets.

Plumbing work for water and radiators.

Insulation.  Just a reminder the original part of our house never had insulation.  No more drafty floors.

Our front hall coat closet.

Drywall delivery.

Q’s window is installed.

Drywall installed.

Tile delivery.  Thin black for entryway.

White and green for kids’ bathroom.

White for our bathroom.

Drywall installed around the skylights.

First step for tile installation in the entryway. 

New boiler. Heat is being installed slowly but surely.

Primer on the walls.

Tile prep for our bathroom.

And in the kids’ bathroom.

So that leaves us with tile, hardwood flooring, paint, trim, closets, bathroom finishings, insulation in the attic, HVAC completion, pot light installation…the list goes on. I’m being patient and we are enjoying seeing the progress being made.


  1. You have such a good attitude about this. If we ever do our renovation (been dreaming about it for a couple of years), I will need your reminders to keep my sanity and to keep smiling :)

  2. Send me info on your hot water heating system. We have hot water heating and love it. Want to up grade to newer technology and no one has showed me this one. Looks like multy zone, mabe eaceach room? Or are those for domestic water supply to each end source.

    1. This is my department, NTI boiler with three different zones and three pumps (basement, upstairs and main floor). Each radiator will have its own shut off, allowing us to control the flow/level of heat. Helpful if we don’t need to heat a specific room or do maintenance. #husband

  3. It's coming together nicely. I can't wait to see it finished with before and after shots please 😊