Friday, November 24, 2023

Friday Favourites


Just a couple of things to mention on this week's Friday Favourites post.  

Earlier this week I posted about how I wasn't really feeling ready for Christmas yet.  Well this week I was able to shift towards having more Christmas spirit.  We feel confident that our house will be ready enough for us to move back upstairs soon, and certainly before Christmas Day.  I also bought a couple of gifts. I started adding some fun events to our calendar. And we even started listening to some Christmas music. And just to follow up on that same post, the words of the hymn that I was moved by were: “she bore a precious baby”. 

Besides the songs that the kids had requested, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (E's choice) and Santa Claus is Back in Town by Elvis (Q's choice because of the Christmas Chronicles movie), my first song that I queued up was Jamie Cullum's The Piano Man at Christmas". Last year I described it as ducking into a dark pub in London for a pint and a meat pie.

I love the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto and their Christmas decorations went up this week.  I made a special trip to pop in and see them yesterday.  

We worked with Q to study for his French quiz this week.  He needs to conjugate "avoir" and "être" and then know when to use them. 

We picked out our paint colours this week and also looked at wallpaper for the kids' bathroom.  There are so many fun patterns, and I think we picked one. This isn't it, but it's so fun, maybe too Christmas-y though!

Have a great weekend, especially you Americans celebrating your Thanksgiving!

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  1. Back in by Christmas?!!? Amazing!!!

  2. That's great news that you'll be able to move upstairs in your home before Christmas. The decorations in the Fairmont look so pretty. Listening to Christmas music and looking at decorations is the way to go for getting into the spirit. You've just inspired me to turn on Spotify and listen to Christmas Coffee Shop jazz. It's very soothing!