Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Life Lately

I did not document our weekend this week, mostly because we were able to take it pretty easy, for once. So instead this is more of a "life lately" post.  

This past Sunday was Remembrance Sunday since it falls before November 11.  We enjoyed some bagpipes, a trumpet, and a guest pianist.  You can actually view our service here.  The choir was proud of our anthem (at the 47:15 mark of the link above).

I added a couple of ride photos to my Disney trip recaps, but I won't make you scroll through those again to find them, here they are. (Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom here, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios here, and Universal here)

Speaking of rides, we are really enjoying the Behind the Attractions show on Disney+.  I still believe Disney employs magic to put these parks together, so I don't want to lift the veil too much, but I like hearing about how the rides were developed.  Also, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean on the weekend and I loved spotting the jail dog with the keys in his mouth, just like on the ride. 

Last week I had a couple of more spots on my face looked at by the dermatologist. I did this last year, and although they aren't a major concern yet, it has been their advice to get them lasered off, and then remember sunscreen at all times.  A reminder to you to get things checked out in a timely manner!

 And then treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte as a reward for being an adult ;)

I keep making soup that my family does not want to eat, but at least I enjoy it and get to bring it for my lunch at work.  This one was a cauliflower turmeric soup.  Now to be fair, Dave was heading to the airport so he didn't eat supper at home and E had eaten at a friend's house (and he tasted it and said it was good). Q said it looked "like dirt" and I admit I may have over-roasted the vegetables.  The accompanying focaccia bread was enjoyed though!

We went shopping at Crate and Barrel for some furniture this weekend.  We bought a couch and a couple of chairs.  I snapped this photo of a blanket basket and a few other things that caught my eye while we were there.  We also went to Pottery Barn but was disappointed with their prices and customer service.  Nice things to look at but can find better elsewhere.

A great little show on Apple TV - The Real Wagatha Story about Coleen Rooney (the wife of former English footballer, Wayne Rooney) and how she found out who was leaking her private Instagram stories to the tabloids. 

We finally got E a phone.  He was the last one in his Grade 7 class to get a phone (so he tells us).  He really wasn't bothering us too much about getting a phone. It is nice to be able to leave him texts he can get after school (phone stays in the locker during the day) and checking in on him when he's at a friend's house. 

Have a great rest of your week!


  1. There's one soup no one in my family likes either so I absolutely make a huge batch of it to take to work! And go you for taking care of yourself. I am so bad at that. Rachel got a phone for Grade 6 grad and yes, even though the school's policy is "away all day", I appreciate being able to catch up with her when she's out and about. And it made it so much easier when she had to take the LRT to dance on her own.

  2. Well done on getting your skin check. It’s scary getting those important checks and then the sense of relief after always makes me think why do I put them off for so long! I love soup but my family doesn’t. They will eat it but I know what they’re thinking. Probably the same thing Q was thinking! That made me LOL!!

  3. Love the ride photos. Phones are a blessing and a curse at our house...I love being able to know where they are and be in contact with them, but sometimes they just want to be on them for no reason...which is frustrating. Now, I mandate they have the app to check their grades and the Cozi family schedule app, so that they can know what's going on.