Thursday, November 2, 2023

Disney Part 2

(Get your scrolling finger ready, this is a large one.)

Our next day (Sunday), we were headed to EPCOT (or EFCOT as Q calls it). One of the benefits of our resort (Caribbean Beach Resort) was the access to the Skyliner to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, so that's where we were headed on this morning.

Not as early as our previous mornings, but still up with the sun. 

We ran to the Test Track ride first.  The kids get to design a car and then after the ride, your "performance" is assessed.

Then we did Mission: Space and Soarin'.  I do love EPCOT but not really for the rides. We didn't spend too much time in the ride section before going over to the pavilions.  

Quick stop in Canada for doughnuts and coffee.

Then we went right to France so we could get in line for Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.  We had missed this ride the last time we were here.  The wait was worth it and we enjoyed it. 

Inspired by the Ratatouille ride, we got a baguette to share, and I indulged in a glass of red wine.

Next up was Morrocco. 

Then Japan

The kids had picked up the passports to get stamped at each country.  They loved this.

We got beers in the USA.

We came across a few characters so we stopped for hugs and photos.

Italy called for pizza and another glass of wine.

While we were in Germany, we discovered there was a little game you could play on the Disney Games App to find different things and control little features. The kids loved this and kept them very entertained. 

You could make the beer steins above the fireplace sing.

Onto China.

Then our place in the Virtual Queue came up for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride so we went over there.  This is a new one and it was pretty great. 

After that we were back over to the pavilions, so we got guacamole and chips and margaritas in Mexico.

At the passport "office"

We had Genie+ for Frozen Ever After next, another fun one. 

While in Norway, we got a cinnamon bun.

And beers

Back in China on our way back through.

Playing with the app game in France.


One last drink on our tour around the world, Gin and Tonics felt right.

Part of the Canada pavilion was under construction. 

They sell Coffee Crisp in their gift shop, haha!

We hadn't planned on spending so much time at EPCOT so we had to hustle home, get changed, and get over to Disney Springs for our reservation at The Boathouse.  We didn't even get any photos but we did enjoy our meal out on their patio.

On Monday morning we were back on the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios.

The extra magic hours were to start at 8:30, but they let us into the park at 8:00 so we could get into line at Slinky Dog Dash.

I love the details in this part of the park.

No wait for the other two rides in this area: Toy Story Mania! and the Alien Swirling Saucers. 

And finally, the piece de la resistance, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. So many great things to see and enjoy.

We rode the Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers Run. Then the boys discovered the Bounty Hunter game so they ran around to do that for a bit.

Rey came out to survey the park.

And then Chewbacca!

And The Mandalorian came through.

I had to drag them away with Galaxy's Edge so we could get over to Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.

We grabbed some lunch and then had time for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. After that we went back over to the Star Wars area where the boys played the Bounty Hunter game again.  Q had an audience with Kylo Ren.

We had reservations for drinks at Oga's Cantina.

And then the boys got to design and build their own droid.

I was kind of ready to go home, but after we did Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad, we saw that the line for Rise of the Resistance wasn't that bad so we decided to ride it again.

As we went by the Muppet Vision 3D show, it was just starting so we went into that. 

And then Star Tours had a short line too so we did that as our last ride of the day.  When we got home, we picked up a pepperoni pizza at our hotel and enjoyed some time in our room. 

With all of the Disney Parks checked off our list, our plan for the next day was the water park Typhoon Lagoon.  Quick breakfast at our hotel before heading out.

This was a pretty spectacular water park, a big wave pool with beach, a lazy river that went through the entire park, and lots of waterslides.  We did everything.

After our day "at the beach" we went home to get cleaned up and then onto Disney Springs for dinner.

A little shopping before our reservations.  E wanted to try on these "plain" Mickey ears since we had never seen just black ones.  We did buy a couple of stuffies and a Christmas tree ornament.

We ate at T-Rex.  Their waiting area had a fossil dig.

We love you Disney!!

Here is the link for Part 1 of our trip


  1. I love all the Disney details. The countries in Epcot are so fun! The last time I was there was just before Toy Story Land opened. I need to get back!

  2. So excited to read your recap!!!

  3. It looks like you guys had such a fun trip!!! You accomplished a LOT! I’ve never been to the water park and have always been curious about trying it.

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess

  4. I love EPCOT! It's one of my favorite parks; mostly because it's usually not as crowded and I love all the learning opportunities there too. My boys' favorite rides this time were in that park too- the Guardians and Ratatouille.