Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Weekend Recap

The kids did not have school on Friday because it was report card day.  Dave and I went in to meet with the teachers.  And then later on we all went to get our COVID and flu shots for the year.  We were done pretty quickly and I was thankful our kids were so well behaved, there were quite a few kids having a hard time and I felt badly for their parents. We picked up some groceries and went home to make burgers and fries for our supper.  We watched Amazing Race and then part of Terminator 2 (although that meant the kids were up way too late!!).

We woke up to some gorgeous fall weather on Saturday and after watching the F1 Quali, we went outside to rake leaves. 

I spy Dave up on the roof with the leaf blower.  Check out the new addition with the siding complete.

Dave then went to help a neighbour with some gutter work, and the kids were so tired, they declined my offer to walk up to get a pizza lunch.  Instead we made sandwiches and the kids had naps. Combination of the late night and vaccine shots wore them out!  After tidying up, I walked up the street to get some groceries and then did a workout.
We had been invited for supper at our neighbours' and we enjoyed a lovely evening there. 

We had church on Sunday morning, with F1 race watching on both sides of that.  
Then we went to the Toronto Marlies hockey game.  We get ticket vouchers every Halloween from one of our neighbours that works for Maple Leaf Sports so we make a habit of going with some other friends.

Not a bad seat in the house, popcorn, and great hockey!

We went out afterwards for supper at Liberty Commons.

Monday came quickly!


  1. I was all like, yeah, regular weekend stuff, and then realized you all did all the raking post-vaccines. Way to go!!! I was on the couch for pretty much a day post my flu shot...

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  3. What a lovely weekend! Autumn in Canada looks like so much fun with all the beautiful leaves and hockey games. I would love to go and see an ice hockey game one day. Your kids must have been so exhausted to decline an offer of a pizza lunch! I thought I had read the sentence wrong at first 😂