Thursday, January 8, 2015

Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Thursdays usually have a bit of a food theme, and today is no different.  I wanted to share some of my favourite kitchen gadgets with you.  I did a bit of a preview of our new kitchen here, but here are some of things you'll find inside the cupboards:

Mixmaster - We got this as a wedding present from my office and I don't know what I did without it.  I love whipping up cookies and cakes in here, along with pizza dough.  I'm sure I don't use it to its full potential, but I like the way it looks on the counter. 

Casserole Dishes - These were a gift this year and I love them already. They are so bright and make everything look amazing.

Silicone Baking Sheets - I have a set for French Fries and a set for baking.  I love not adding extra grease to the recipe in order to keep the things from sticking, and I love not having to use tin foil to protect the cookie sheet.

Rasp - The big one is perfect for parmesan cheese, or zesting citrus.  I got a little one for Christmas for nutmeg.

Wooden/Metal mixer - I've raved about this little guy before.  So great for mixing pancakes or muffin batter.  And if works as a pastry cutter for pie crusts or biscuits. 

Griddle - This was also a wedding present and we use it exclusively for pancakes.  Maybe you think it's crazy to have such a big contraption for one thing, but we do eat pancakes often, and it is so much easier to cook them no a griddle with no sides, and with consistent heat.  I've also used it for cooking burgers in the winter rather than BBQing them, and for grilled cheese sandwiches when I'm making more than two.

Slow Cooker - I love my slow cooker.  It gives me so much joy to come home to a meal that has been cooking away all day.  Or better yet being at home while it cooks and smelling it all day.

Prep Bowls - These are a must for any cook.  We use many recipes that have several ingredients (I love you Jamie Oliver) and it is easy to get everything ready ahead of time and just dump the stuff into the pot just like they do on the cooking shows.  The big ones are also good for collecting your peelings, stems, etc. while you're cutting up fruits and vegetables.

Cast Iron Frying Pan - I got this at Crate and Barrel a couple of years ago, and it wasn't even that expensive.  We use it several times a week so it has definitely been worth getting.  The best is that it transitions so well from stovetop to the oven.

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  1. Some awesome items!! I am seriously thinking about investing in a griddle :-)