Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell

One of my favourite bloggers, Andrea, is starting a new series called "Momfessionals Show and Tell Tuesdays.  Every other Tuesday I will be linking up with her for this.  Not only does she have some great topics to write about, I love linking up with people and seeing what other people have to say.  Hope you enjoy.

This week's theme is: Resolutions/Goals for 2015.

I shared some of these last week here. The usual eating well, exercising, etc.

To go along with these things, I also need to remember not to give up on doing good things even though I may have an off day. I won't eat well every day, I won't be able to get in a good work out every time I want to, and my house won't always be the cleanest or most organized.  I always start out with good intentions, but then I sometimes give up.  Then I go for a few days/weeks without doing the things I set out to do in the first place, and I have to start all over again.  I'm going to borrow the mantra from the 12 step program, and take it "one day at a time".  If I treat each day as its own day, and only worry about one at a time, then whatever happened the day before won't matter.  No need to beat myself up, just keep plugging along.

Good luck with your resolutions!!

Happy Winter!


  1. No beating myself up, that could be my number 1!!! Happy New year!

  2. This is great! Would love for you to grab our button and join our new weekly "Tuesday Talk" link-party that just went live!

  3. Good advice, Sarah. And I am going to try to laugh more when things go a bit wrong instead of letting those little things upset me.