Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

Even though I didn't take a lot of time off over the holidays, and the longest stretch I was off was three consecutive business days (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day plus the weekend), I found it difficult to be back at work last week.  It felt like a long week and it took me a couple of days to get back into a good work routine and actually get something accomplished.  So needless to say Friday was a welcome sight.  I left work a little early on Friday so I could take some time to walk up the street and do some errands - I picked up some bread and buns at a bakery, some meat at the butcher, and some snacks.  Although it was still cold out, I enjoyed the walk.  We had burgers and salad for supper.  Then Dave and I watched "Seven Pyschopaths".  I had never heard of it, but it was pretty good. Christopher Walken and Colin Farrell's eyebrows can make any movie great.

On Saturday morning we got up early for swimming lessons.  This was E's first time in the pool with just the instructor and other kids, no parents.  He did great, and even though he fell off the side of the platform where it was over his head, he enjoyed himself.  I didn't take any pictures because I forgot you're not allowed to take pictures at the pool.

In the afternoon we visited with some new neighbours and E played with their kids while we enjoyed some coffee and cake in the kitchen.

We invited some friends over for supper on Saturday night and to watch the football playoffs.  I made a Moroccan lamb stew, and our friends brought a salad.

On Sunday we walked up the street to try a new restaurant for brunch, Good Fork.  I had the Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Dave had the Spanish Hash, and E had the mini pancakes (which were actually not that mini, just smaller than their regular pancakes).  It was all very tasty and we will definitely go back.

Our family rule is only two out of three people get to wear plaid at a time.  This time E had to change his shirt. 

Yummy breakfast.

We skipped church to go to Target and the grocery store.  And we made it home in time to watch the entire Green Bay Dallas game.  I am a Packers fan so I was obviously pleased with the outcome.  I think whoever wins next week between Green Bay and Seattle will win the Super Bowl.
We had popcorn for lunch

My view for the afternoon

After being lazy for the entire afternoon, E and I went for a little walk around the block.  It was so warm today (only minus one!!) so it was actually pleasant to be outside.

You can't really tell how big this tree is, but it is massive.

A slow walk home with a stick

Happy guy

Nothing fancy, but a great weekend nonetheless.


  1. Nice photos! I checked out the menu at Good Fork and it looks like interesting choices there. Nice Kids menu, too.

  2. What an awesome family restaurant. Toronto has the best restaurants!!