Monday, January 12, 2015

How does she do it?

Time Management.  One of my least favourite phrases.  I dislike this term because it doesn't really make sense when you think about it.  You can't manage time, it is a constant, it carries on regardless of your actions.  Instead, you need to manage yourself.  

At least once a week someone will say to me "I don't know where you find the time to [choose one - write your blog, sell Arbonne, exercise, read your book club books and other books, cook all those meals, and/or work full time]".

Well I will let you in on my little secret, or my "philosophy", if you will - Do the things you enjoy and you'll find time to get them done.  That sounds almost too simple, but really that's it for me.  I could probably sleep more, or spend more time at work, or have a cleaner house, but I don't.  Instead I spend pretty much all of my time doing things I enjoy.  Even when I'm sitting around the house in the evening, I'm often working away on something.  And maybe I stay up too late watching TV, but at least I'm still doing something worthwhile, which is spending time with Dave.   And speaking of Dave, I am very fortunate to have a husband that picks up E from school, cooks dinner, cleans up, takes turns putting E to bed, and running errands.  That definitely helps me fit in all of the things I want to do.

I once heard someone say "Comparison is the thief of joy", and that is so true.  I compare myself to others on a daily basis, and I could name a million things that other people are doing that I'm not, but that's not really helpful.  Instead you should just focus on what you're doing, we are all different people with different priorities.

While we are on the topic, work life balance is another phrase I dislike. When you phrase it like that, it sounds as though work and life are separate, and the conclusion is therefore that your work is not part of your life.  I love being a lawyer (most days), and if I didn't consider my profession as part of my life, then I shouldn't be doing it.  

Seize the day!

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  1. Great philosophy , Sarah! So glad you enjoy writing this blog. I enjoy reading them.