Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Media Wednesdays

Last week I provided a few thoughts on the season premiere of The Bachelor. I fully admit to being part of Bachelor Nation, and I thought I would share just how deep this "appreciation" goes.

First of all, I pretty much joined Twitter only so I could start following Bachelor people.   The second person I followed was Emily Maynard (update on her, she's married to someone she met at her church, and knew before gonig on The Bachelor, and expecting a baby in July), and the third person was Chris Harrison.  After every season (including Bachelor in Paradise) I follow more people.  I also follow a few of them on Instagram.

I also seem to have retained way too many details about the lives of past contestants.  For example:

- Peyton (from Andy Baldwin's season) and Chris L. (from Ali's season) got married and have a show  on HGTV.
- DeAnna Pappas and Michael Stagliano's twin brother (Michael from Jillian's season and Bachelor Pad) got married a few years ago and now have a child.
Jillian is on Love it or List it Vancouver.  A favourite show of mine. And yes, she did have plastic surgery.
- Jason and Molly Mesnick are best friends with Desiree and Chris now that they all live in Seattle. Plus Renee from Juan Pablo's season lives there now and hangs out with them. She got married shortly after that season and is expecting a baby soon.
- Lesley Murphy from Sean's season lives in Argentina and has a travel blog.  I love her posts and am inspired to visit South America again soon.
- I was legitimately upset when I heard that Gia had died last year.
- Juan Pablo and Nikki put in an admirable effort, but they have broken up, shocking.
- Andi and Josh have already broken up, just this past week after they appeared together at The Bachelor premiere. She has a blog that I follow semi-regularly.
- I went out of my way to meet Juan Pablo and stayed at a bar by myself in Vegas to get this picture:
what is more telling about this encounter with Juan Pablo is that I knew he was a Toronto Raptor fan because Greivis Vasquez is also from Venezuela.  When I mentioned to JP that I was from Toronto and followed the Raptors, he got out his phone to show me pictures of him with Greivis and wearing a Raptors jersey.

See, way too much information about these people!!

The Bachelor has had a true positive effect on my life, in the form of this blog.  After following Sean on Twitter during his season, I always saw him tweeting at his sister, Shay, and then she appeared on the season a few times.  So I saw that she has a couple of blogs - a foodie blog and her family blog - and started reading those daily, as well as some of her friends'.  After reading all of these, I was inspired to start this blog.  I also refer to Shay, AndreaErika, and Shaeffer as my "friends in Texas" and I get so many ideas from them for recipes, activities for kids, fashion choices, etc.  I feel like my life has been enriched since becoming involved in this blog world, and to think it all started with The Bachelor!

So although the show seems ridiculous, and it is, there have been a number of great things that have inspired me, so I don't think it's all bad.


  1. We might be the same person.... You see I'm also a huge fan and I knew most of the info above - except for andi and josh! And Shay is one of the main reasons I became a blogger too- and I spend waaaay too much money because of shaeffer