Monday, January 26, 2015

Taking a Compliment

I find it difficult to take a compliment.  When someone compliments my clothes, hair or house, these are my responses:

Person: I love that shirt.
Me: Oh really? I hate it, I didn't have anything else to wear.
Me: Thanks. It was only $20 at the outlets.
Me: Oh really? Thanks, it's so old, I've had it forever.

Person: Your hair looks nice today.
Me: Thanks, I actually washed it today.
Me: Ugh, I need to get it cut (or get my highlights done again soon).
Me: Thanks, I just brushed it.

Person: Your house is awesome, you guys must be so happy!
Me: Thanks, we love it but there is so much to do.
Me: Yes, it's great, but there were so many things we had to fix when we moved in (and then I start listing them all).

I really just need to start saying thank you and then move on. No need to start making excuses for something.   I guess it's not really bragging if someone else makes the compliment.  Am I the only one that does this?


  1. I think it is common for people to reply with a qualifier...or TMI! I also had to learn to simply say, Thank You! Because I realized when I compliment others I sincerely want them to feel good and if they answer as you have takes away from that feeling. So I think you are correct and striving to keep it simple and just say Thanks! I like it too. Or it is nice, isn't it?

  2. Guilty. I struggle with this all the time. Why do compliments make us so uncomfortable?