Thursday, July 30, 2015

Basil Lemon Mojito

We got a new basil plant this week because our original one wasn't doing so well.  Our new one had a few too many large stems so we had to trim it down right away.  We kept some of the sprigs in some water on the windowsill and they inspired me to try a new cocktail.  This fun, fresh and fizzy drink is so tasty on a hot evening.  I just wish we had had enough to make a second round of them!

Basil Lemon Mojito*
(for one drink)

1 sprig of mint
1 sprig of basil
1 to 2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 shots of rum (I used 7 Year Old Havana Club)
juice from half a lemon
club soda

Remove the mint and basil leaves from the stems.  Tear into smaller pieces.  Muddle with the sugar in the bottom of a short glass.  We actually muddle ours in a cocktail shaker so we can strain out the bits of mint and basil.

Add the rum and lemon.  Shake with ice if using the cocktail shaker, or stir if you're muddling right in the glass.  Strain into the glass.  Add some ice cubes. Top with club soda and stir with a spoon.  Garnish with some leftover small mint or basil leaves.

Even though I strained out most of the leaves, I added a few back in for some colour.

*I didn't know if you could still call this drink a mojito if it didn't have lime, but I think you can still get away with it.  It still has the rum and mint.

Try this for your next evening on the patio.

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