Thursday, July 16, 2015


I do not go a day without coffee, and on the few days I have not had coffee have resulted in migraines.  I guess that means I'm addicted, but I'm okay with that. 

I have this in my office

We make our own coffee every morning, and we grind our beans.  We have a Krups coffee maker and grinder.  We used to buy whatever coffee beans were at the grocery store, but now we usually buy beans from The Coffee Tree Roastery near our house.  We will buy beans at different coffee shops, if we are trying a new place, and we buy from Starbucks on occasion.  One of my favourite gifts to receive is coffee beans.  I drink my coffee with milk if I'm at home, or cream if I am out (and with Baileys and Irish Whiskey if it's Christmastime)

I take my coffee to work in a Contigo mug, like this one.  At first I was not impressed with these mugs.  I thought it was ugly and it had too many moving parts in the lid that I could never get clean.  I love it now though.  I love that it won't spill which is so important when you have a kid grabbing at your coffee and when you're going in and out of the car.  And although I struggle to keep the lid clean, I am succeeding, and it does keep your coffee hot all morning. 

I never really drank coffee on a daily basis until after I had E.   I used to drink tea everyday, and I would only drink coffee as a treat like on the weekend or if I was at a meeting and was offered coffee.   I used to add sugar too, so it was a treat.  When I was pregnant I started drinking a lot of iced coffees.  Not sure if it was an actual craving or if I just let myself have more treats.  When I was on mat leave the coffee habit continued.  When I was able to get out of the house, getting a coffee was my little reward.  

I usually drink my entire travel mug of coffee throughout the morning at work, and then I'll make another cup around 3:00.  If it is the weekend, I still like to get a coffee mid-afternoon.  

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