Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had such a nice weekend on the shores of Lake Huron.  We were invited to a friends' cottage which was so great.  We don't have our own cottage, and the land that is in Dave's family is in Cape Breton so not somewhere we get to a lot.  Our friends have two children and one of them is E's age so the boys had a good time playing together all weekend. I love hearing their little conversations.

We got up on Saturday morning and hit the road.  We needed to go off the main highway to get to where we are going so we saw lots of farm fields, silos, and barns.  We had E look out for mailboxes, Canada flags, cows, and tractors as an impromptu game of car bingo.  We got to the cottage in time for lunch and some beers on the deck.  It was a hot weekend so it was nice to be out of the city.  Plus the cottage had central air conditioning so we were spoiled with that too.

Homemade popsicles

Love this view of the lake!  Such a beautiful day.

 The boys were pretty tired out so we fed them a simple supper and then they went to bed.  Dave put E to bed, and so I sat on the couch with my beer and watched Leave it to Bryan.  It was nice to relax even for a short time.  We had a yummy dinner of local steaks, potatoes, mushrooms, and roasted vegetables.

I ran outside for this sunset photo.

The next morning we went down to the beach for a bit.  We went for a walk and the boys collected rocks.  Then we headed into Bayfield for lunch, a visit to the splash pad and an ice cream cone.  After lunch we went back down to the beach for a swim.

Bonfire after supper.  

Another gorgeous sunset

The next day I guess I didn't take any photos.  We spent some more time at the beach, and then I went to The Whole Pig and picked up some ribs for supper.  I love buying stuff right from the farm.  I half expected them to bring to pig out and butcher it right there!  I made the ribs this way and we all enjoyed them.

We left yesterday morning and Dave and E dropped me off at a golf tournament and they continued home (and then I got a ride home from one of my teammates, in case you thought I might be stranded there).  I won the women's longest drive competition!  

Lovely long weekend in the country, relaxing but still tiring.  Thank you to our friends for the invitation to the cottage!  

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