Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Family Photos

In May we had our first family photos taken in High Park.  It was during the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Festival, so it was insane.  We were a little late getting there so we got right into the pictures.  I forgot to add the jaunty orange scarf that I was going to wear to "tie all of our colours together".  I think it was probably better without the scarf.  Here are the photos we chose, we were very pleased with the way they turned out.   Our photographer was Jenna; her business is called Jenna Faye Photography, you can find her on Facebook.  She is based East of Toronto but she came in to take photos of one of her oldest clients (and my friend) so we got to piggyback on that visit.

I'm glad we went with the blues, they matched the green background well.  We also stuck to our family rule of no more than 2/3 wearing plaid.  

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  1. These are really lovely family photos! You chose well...setting, colours and poses are interesting and relaxed and true. Love!