Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic is a House Tour.  I am cheating a little bit and using some photos of our house that I've used before, along with some current ones.  Our house will be a work in progress for awhile.  Any tips or suggestions for decor ideas are welcome!!  Okay, here we go:

Front porch.  Our felt wreath was plucked from the last vestiges of Target as it left Canada.

Our entry way with open coat closet.

This area is the best in the wintertime when we've all get wet snowy clothing, and great for receiving guests.  In our old house we lived in a townhouse so when you came in the front door, you immediately went up the stairs and then perched on the landing to remove your shoes. Anymore than two people doing that at a time led to a backlog of people and an overflow into the living room.  I love having this extra space when you walk in.

Staircase in the front hall

Living room decorated for spring/summer.  I want to do more with this space, like add more photos and books to the shelves.  We will be redoing the walls and ceiling at some point so I'll wait until then to really change it up.

The other side of the living room.

Looking outside from the living room.  These windows are great, but they are old and the glass is thin.  We need to replace them but we want to keep the old style with the multiple panes of glass.

These pictures are from the winter, but will show you our family room.  Not much as changed since then. 

This vaulted ceiling with windows is one of my favourite things about our house.  It lets in so much light during the day.

Our table in the dining room. Our table was made out of reclaimed barn board by a store in Burlington called Exotic Woods.  We got our chairs at Crate & Barrel.

Our kitchen.  These are old pictures too, from a previous post.  At first I wasn't sure about the black countertops but I really like them now.  We have a grey backsplash and with the white cupboards, I think it is a timeless look.

This is our large island with Crate & Barrel stools.  We eat breakfast here and sometimes lunch.  I love having a place where people can hang out while we are cooking. 

This is our guest room.  It is in need of some paint and some photos.  

This is in our master bedroom.  The dresser and shelf are from Ikea.  Gypsy the dog is on the shelf along with some of my jewelry.  

It is a very bright room in the day, so we have dark curtains.  Right now we have a quilt, but in the winter we like a duvet.

I only have one picture of E's little room.  But this is pretty much it besides a dresser. It is a small room, but just right for him

Let's think of the photos of the basement as the before photos.  This is a wall of shelves and cupboards.  We have some workout stuff down there that we use periodically.  Someday we will redo this room to be an office/library.  It will be a place for Dave to work and where kids can do schoolwork.  I like to keep all of the books I read so I need a place to keep them.

This is our basement.  It is a blank canvas with 10 foot ceilings. It was great this past winter for E to run around and play games inside.  

Our backyard.  It is very private for living in the middle of the city.  We have a hammock now that I have enjoyed a few times. 

Can't wait to check out everyone's houses.  I love seeing different styles and getting ideas for our own home.  


  1. Really nice! That's a beautiful backsplash in your kitchen. I'm so jealous of your basement.

  2. I have always wanted a hammock. Your backyard being private in the middle of the city? That's awesome!

  3. I really like the blacksplash in your kitchen!!