Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favourites

Welcome to Friday.  We did it everyone!  A few random favourites from my week.

I took E to his swimming lessons this week.  We were slightly early which meant no rushing and no yelling, my favourite! 

My dad and his wife are in Toronto this week and they came for supper yesterday.  I made this meal, but just made plain rice, and added tomatoes, olives and feta to the cucumber salad.  It was tasty, and easy to make. 

I am loving the Raptors right now, the team we all hate to love.  They are extremely frustrating to watch at times, but also bring me great joy.  They are playing Game 6 tonight against Miami and are leading the series 3-2.  We can only hope they play well again tonight and we don't need a Game 7.  

(from a 905 game in December)

I ordered this dress from anthropologie and it arrived this week.  I thought it would be something I could wear while pregnant for a wedding but also appropriate for after baby.

We bought a tent and it is ridiculously large, I don't think we even appreciate how big it is yet.  It has a sleeping area that sleeps four comfortably and then a "living room" and a "porch".  Below is the liner for the living room part (so not even the whole tent).  You may be able to gauge its size based on how it compares to E lying on it.


  1. Nice! We are tent shopping too. Might end up waiting until next year. Which tent did you get? I'm assuming you did lots of research :) any tips?

    1. It's an Outwell Denver 4. We had to order it from the UK; European tents are on a different level than North American tents. We refer to it as our new cottage; it may be a little over the top!