Thursday, May 26, 2016

June Goals

My goals for May were: 

1. Get both yards cleaned up and buy some flowers.  
Done and done. 

2. Read my book club book and one more book.
I only read one book this month, but I was unexpectedly busy with Raptors playoff games!!

3. Reconfigure the guest room.
That is done, on paper, at least.  We can fit the double bed that is in there now into the corner and that leaves room for the crib and stuff.  We will probably buy the same furniture from Ikea that we had for E since it worked well.  I can also change the closet so there are two rungs on the side rather than a long one across the whole closet, and then we can build some shelves on the other side. 

4. Go to yoga twice a week. 

5. Start walking in the mornings. 
Done.  I am up only about 45 minutes earlier than I would be normally and it is really nice to be out in the morning. 

My goals for June are:

1.  Start going through the baby stuff and planning what to do in the nursery.  In case you missed it yesterday, we found out we are having another boy, so it means we will be able to reuse a lot of things we had before.

2.  Invite some people over for a BBQ.

3.  Walk E to school before his last day. 

4.  Read two books.  Something light and fun. Something by Elin Hilderbrand, or something similar.

5.  Get our camping stuff ready for the summer.  We got a new tent so we need to figure it out, and also patch the holes in our air mattresses. 


  1. Exciting times..planning the nursery and going through baby things!

  2. Another boy!? Congrats!! Two of the same is wonderful in my opinion! Such a bond... and you save lots of money too!! Yay for getting lots done in June!!