Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic is "My Style".

I think I can sum up my style with this: casual, comfortable, practical, and lots of scarves.  

I don't like being too hot or too cold so I am constantly thinking about what the weather and temperatures will be, both inside and outside.  I don't like to be uncomfortable so I plan ahead when it comes to shoes, tightness of clothes, and layers. 

I am boring practical when it comes to the choices I make when buying clothes.  I don't buy too many things that I could only wear once or twice, and I don't buy things that are dry clean only, or even things that need to be handwashed.  I can barely tolerate hang to dry, although I do abide by that label. I try to buy clothes that would go with multiple outfits, although I seem to have a lot of striped things. 

I like to wear jewellry and have some simple things and some statement pieces, but I try not to overdo it.  I used to wear only silver jewellry but now I alternate between gold and silver.

I dress up for work everyday, but I don't like to wear suits that often.  I find blazers to be uncomfortable and I tend towards sweaters and scarves for warmth.  I would choose to wear a dress or skirt most days if I could, rather than pants.  I wear heels often at my desk, but also have two pairs of Cole Haan flats that I wear to and from work and if I go out for lunch.

I have my share of black and grey clothes, but I like bright colours, even in the winter.  And speaking of winter, I am not afriad to look like a four year old when I am dressing for the outside - touque, mittens, big coat, heavy boots.  I never understand the people with a bare head and delicate shoes in the snow and cold. 
As for the scarves, I usually have one with me (refer to my aforementioned aversion to being cold). A couple of years ago I met up with some friends to see a band at a bar downtown.  This band (Big Fish, for those who know) used to play in Halifax during our university years and we saw them often.  My friend had booked them for her wedding so when they came to Toronto, we went to see them live so a few of our friends who didn't know them came out to hear them play.  I think they were at Gracie O'Malleys which is a pub but has a pretty young crowd, at least compared to us (the 32-34 year olds).  While we waited for the band, we made a few comments about being old and what the "kids" were up to nowadays, and then my friend Sarah noticed "I think we are the only ones wearing a scarf".  Sure enough, everyone at our table had a scarf wrapped around their necks (that was part of our outfit after all!), and not one other person was wearing one.  We laughed and laughed!! I guess the scarf thing shows my age, but I won't give them up!

I like comfy clothes when I am at home.  Sweat pants, yoga pants, t-shirts and hoodies are my go to when I walk in the door.  However if I am on vacation or hanging out in the summertime, I prefer wearing skirts and dresses, rather than shorts. 

I also have a penchant for plaid.  

Most of my clothes are from The Gap, anthropologie, Loft, H and M, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.  I like shoes from Cole Haan, Michael Kors, and Nine West.  In the summer I am always in flip flops or my Birkenstocks.  I have a lot of jewelry from Stella and Dot.  

(Something I realized while writing this post is that I never take pictures of myself, so I need to work on that!!)


  1. Yes I hardly take pics of myself as well! And I love scarves too! Does this mean that I'm old?

    1. I think it just means we are not 20 year old clubbers, which is fine with me!

  2. I am so with you on boots, jackets and hats during the winter! Frostbite is not an accessory!