Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

Our weekend began with E's first tennis lessons on Friday afternoon.  There are three boys in the class, and unfortunately E's friend broke her arm so she is missing the lessons.  After we got back from the lessons, we sat on the front step while we waited for my dad and his wife to come over.  Then we ordered some yummy Chinese food. 

On Saturday morning, E and Dave played golf on the PS3 and then I went downtown to return a dress and do a little shopping.  It was a dreary, rainy morning, but my latte and croissant brightened my day

When I got back we had a lovely brunch and then puttered around the house for the rest of the afternoon.  We barbecued some chicken and made roasted potatoes.  I love using spice rubs on chicken pieces and drizzling with oil.  It's an easy tasty way to make a BBQ meal. Then we had ice cream cones, a nice treat to have at home. 

On Sunday morning, Dave went for a run and I made pancakes and bacon.  E and I scurried off to church.  He went off to play with a friend in the afternoon while I picked up some groceries and tidied up the house.  

I picked him up before the Raptor game started.  This is him with his cowbell cheering them on. Dave had gone down to the game and enjoyed the Game 7 atmosphere, and was even more excited when they actually won!!

We ended our evening with Game of Thrones and Drake on SNL.  Both were great!


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