Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Media Wednesday

I am a social media addict, and I'm only on four different platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  You can find me here.

Other than sharing my blog posts on Facebook, and liking others'  posts, I don't do too much there.  I prefer to post photos on Instagram.   I use Twitter to get most of my current events information.  I also love following along with live sporting events or awards shows.  Other people come up with really funny stuff and it adds another level of entertainment to the event. I pretty much use Pinterest for all of my new recipes.  I have boards for home decor, fashion ideas, and travel tips, but it's mostly food.

Some fun people that I follow on Instagram are:

@jillianharris - You know her from Bachelor/ette fame and now Love it or List it Vancouver.  She also has a blog with good stuff on it.  Fashion, home decor, food, lifestyle, etc.  She is one of the best bachelor alums out there; she seems like a real person.

@the_real_house_of_ig - This is just an account of beautiful homes.

@jamiemagazine - As in Jamie Oliver.  They feature so many yummy looking dishes; I always like them so I can go back and try them later.

@natgeo - This is National Geographic and has really neat pictures that show you lots of different parts of the world and current events.

@tommysmythe - This is Sarah Richardson's sidekick from her HGTV shows.  He lives in Toronto and sees art in his surroundings everywhere he goes; he also has some great hashtags. A must follow, especially if you're in Toronto.

Some of my favourite people on Twitter:

@rabiasquared - If you listened to Serial, Season 1, then you will know Rabia as Adnan's friend's sister who initially contacted Sarah Koenig.  She tweets about Adnan, but also a lot of current issues in the United States and in the world.  She is Muslim, and travels to Pakistan often.  She is also very funny.

@jodiesjumpsuit - I started following this person after she tweeted about the Toronto mystery tunnel; she has a quirky sense of humour and I love it. She likes to live tweet Jays games and other local happenings.  She also tweets some really thoughtful things about motherhood, current events, etc.  I've gathered that she lives in the High Park/Roncy area.  We've never met, but I refer to her as my Twitter friend.

@metromorning - I don't always listen to this CBC Toronto morning radio show, but I like to see who they are interviewing and what the current issues are.  They also often link to really good articles.  Always something to learn.

Who else should I be following?

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