Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Recap

Friday morning started out with a bike ride to school (while Dave ran along beside/behind).  What a great way to get a little extra activity in at the beginning of the day. 

Dave ran up to get E after school and Q and I walked to meet them.  I put him in the running stroller to try it out.  Besides the fact that he was hungry, I think he liked it, so I will try a run with him in it soon. 

We had steak on the BBQ and then watched the first episode of Season 3 of The Wire (we're getting there!), and part of a comedy show.

E and I have a 2K run coming up so on Saturday morning he went out with Dave for a training run.  

Then we got ready to go out for Mother's Day Brunch at The Good Fork.  We knew it would be a long wait, so we went up at about 10:30, put our name on the list and then did some errands and a stop at the playground.  We got our table at 11:30.  So yes, it was a one hour wait, but it was the time we wanted to eat so it was fine.  

Q sitting up at the table.

Lovely boys

When we got home, Dave and E did some lawn work and I went up to the Junction to pick up some baby cereal and a few groceries. 

Dave said he would make my favourite meal for supper but I wasn't sure what that was.  I do love guacamole and chips, and we had a chicken breast in the fridge, so he made chicken nachos with homemade salsa and guac.  We also happened to have sour cream in the fridge, which is rare, and those three toppings made the nachos extra special.

After supper we rented La La Land and then stayed up to watch the first few skits of SNL.  I liked La La Land better the second time.  SNL was pretty funny too.  We love Melissa McCarthey as Sean Spicer. 

On Sunday morning we had a regular morning.  E sampled some of my breakfast even though he had already eaten his own bagel.  

They made this little craft at church for Mother's Day.  They were supposed to write down reasons they love their mom on the petals.  E had two reasons, "You let me sleep in your bed", and "You make me dinner". 

Dave was waiting with some Mother's Day surprises when we got home from church.  First up, lunch from McDonalds.  I have been craving McDonalds since we got the booklet of coupons in the mail so this was a real treat. 

Also two bouquets of flowers and some treats from Bake Sale

After lunch I actually had a nap while Q napped.  This is us after he woke up, I tried to get him to go back to sleep with me, but I was unsuccessful.

Dave and E dug a hole beside our house to see where the water was leaking in.  They figured it out and now they need to patch the hole so we aren't worried every time it rains.  Even more exciting was that we got to use the walkie talkies to identify where the leak was.  They sprayed water at the wall and I stood in the basement to see when it came through. 

Little cutie before his third nap of the day.

For supper we went to our local pub.  This was Q's first visit and he did very well.  The blur in his hand is Spiderman.

E played Golden Tee, as he does.

We played in Q's room until it was time for bed.  E wanted a selfie with the tower.

A very happy mother's day with my boys!  They made it so fun.  


  1. What an awesome fun weekend! Those cookies are soooo beautiful

  2. What a lovely Mother's Day weekend! Great food, which you didn't have to prepare, pretty flowers, sweet treats and lots of family fun! And a special gift crafted by E with his personal message of love to you. ❤️๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒธ