Monday, May 1, 2017

What's on my phone

They say:

I am the second one. I typically don't delete emails as I go, especially if they are promotion emails from Starbucks, Air Canada, etc.  I did recently go through my emails and unsubscribed from many of the ones I was getting, but I still don't keep up with the ones I still get.  I did mark them all as unread the other day, so now it shows 36 unread emails (but that is just my Gmail, my work inbox has way more in it).  

I am also someone who has a lot of apps, even if I just use them every once in awhile.  I don't use folders so I have three full pages of apps.  There is no rhyme or reason to them except that my social media accounts are along the side so I can easily get them with my right thumb.  

Find Friends is the app I use to track where Dave is (and he can track me).  That sounds more devious than it is, but really it's for convenience.  Like if he is coming home from somewhere and I'm wondering how close he is, rather than calling him, I can just check the app and see.  

I use the Baby Tracker to keep track of breast feeding Q.  The time and frequency isn't as important as it used to be, since we are on a pretty good schedule now, but I still sometimes forget what side I started on last time, so it helps to remind me of that. 

I play Scrabble if I'm on the subway, but that's pretty much it. 

I should move my Google Maps to the front page because it is the one I used the most.  

My Shopi is where I make my grocery list since I was notorious for forgetting my paper list when I would go to the store.

I rarely use the Canada Post, Air Canada, Rocket Man, CBC Radio, and Kiss 92.5, but I use them often enough that I don't want to delete them.

The Green P app is awesome.  I can pay for my parking at most parking lots/street parking in Toronto  with this.  The best is that if your time is expiring, you'll get a notification with the option to extend your time rather than having to go back to your car. 

The Seesaw app is where we get to see photos of E's class posted by his teacher throughout the school year.  It's like Instagram where you can like and comment on the photos.  

Vivofit Jr. is for E's watch.  We can see his daily activity level, steps, and sleep patterns.  

Melvin's Marvellous Words is a sight word app that the Government of Ontario recommended at one time. It is old but it does work and it keeps E entertained if we are waiting for something. 

Canada Immunize is a good way to keep track of your family immunizations.  The nurse at my doctor's office recommended it.  There is also an option for notifications of outbreaks in your area - so I'll be up forewarned when the zombie apocalypse starts, haha.

I mentioned the Think Dirty app on Friday.  I went through and scanned a lot of the things we have at home, but when I start looking for new products, I'll be using it at the drug store.

I always seem to have a lot of tabs open on my phone's browser.  Mostly because if I search for something and can't accomplish it at the time, I leave it open so I won't forget about it.   Also, since new tabs open when I click through from other blogs and twitter, I don't always get around to closing them.  Right now I have these tabs open (this is an unusually high number of tabs, even for me):

Nexus Card Application - I need to get this set up for Q so we will be ready when we want to travel somewhere.
Gordon Ramsay's recipe for Pulled Pork - I want to make this but it is done in the oven, not the slow cooker 
Striped Sweater from Loft - I saw this on Shay's blog although I'm sure it is sold out by now.
Google Search "What are your favourite restaurants in the Dundas Square area" - When Mom and I were there last week and I wasn't sure where we should eat.  We went to a reliable choice, Joey.
10 Plant Based Foods Packed with Iron - I'm always trying to increase my iron intake
Children's Bible Songs - I can never remember songs to sing to Q when we are sitting around, so I need a reminder
Shay's recipe for Creamy Mint Brownies - they look tasty for a time when I need to make a treat
Amazon search for Spiderman umbrella - E said he wanted one but there are a lot of choices and I haven't figured out which one to get
Baby Food 101 by Fraiche Nutrition - I linked to here through Jillian's blog and there are some good recipes to try
Evite for a potluck for the parents of E's SK class - I haven't responded yet, so it's just sitting open until I know what we're doing
Sephora page for an Under Eye Brightening Corrector - something I want to try next time I'm at Sephora
Nike shoes - Not runners, but more casual sneakers for walking around
Israeli Couscous recipe - I made this last week but forgot to save it to Pinterest
Google search for Cineplex theatre at Bay and Bloor - I saw Maudie last week (about Nova Scotia folk artist, Maud Lewis) at this theatre and I wanted to make sure I had the right address
Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets - I just copied these instead of printing them for E to practice
 Baby Food recipes from Wholesome Baby Food - this is actually three tabs for three recipes
Online order form for pizza - We ordered pizza on Sunday night and I could walk up and get it
Toronto swimming pool schedule - I thought of going to a leisure swim on Sunday with the kids but it didn't happen
Google search "Vegas concerts September 2017" - I want to go to Vegas with a friend of mine so the weekend we choose may depend on a concert if there are any good ones.  The last time we went we saw Britney Spears

Okay, time to go close some browser tabs and move some apps!

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