Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day in the Life

Now that we sort of have a schedule I thought I would do another Day in the Life post.  This was my Monday. Here we go!

For the first time in a long time, Q slept in past my alarm at 6:30, so I got to lay in bed for a few extra minutes before getting up.  (to be clear, "slept in" still means he woke up at 4:00, 4:30 and 5:00 when I had to go in and give him his soother, but he did go back to sleep)

I went in to get him up and I heard E's little feet behind me.  He loves his brother.

After breastfeeding Q and getting dressed, we went downstairs.  I put away the dishes, made coffee, cooked up some pasta for E's lunch, and then made breakfast.  Cantaloupe, mango, and blueberries blended up with some rice cereal for Q.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and fruit for E.  He actually whisked and cooked his own eggs with minimal supervision.

While E ate his breakfast, I got the rest of his lunch ready and then laid out his stuff for school.

After Dave left to take E to school, I made my own breakfast - plain yoghurt topped with strawberries, blueberries, mango, shredded coconut, ground chia seeds, hemp hearts, and cacao nibs.  The cacao nibs are a new addition, they add more flavour, plus magnesium, iron, and other good stuff.

I put Q down for his nap and then watched Your Morning and Live with Kelly and Ryan.  I also looked up all of the daycares in our part of the city and sent emails to them to see what their availability is.  Around 9:15 it was time for second breakfast - peanut butter on toast. 

I had to wake Q up from his nap to head to the gym for 10:00 but he didn't seem to mind. 

After my workout.   

Then we walked up Bloor to get some ingredients for supper.  It was finally nice and warm. No jacket required.

I made avocado and eggs on toast for our lunch.  Unfortunately I thought we had five eggs left (two for me, two for Dave, and one for Q) but then I reached for the last egg and it was an empty shell that someone (probably me) had put back in the carton, so I had one piece of toast without the egg.

The aftermath of lunch.  Q went for his second nap of the day and I cleaned up the kitchen.

I put on Sex and the City 2 and sat down for a few minutes to blog, and then I made some baby food - apricots and pears.

I also enjoyed a leftover Mother's Day cookie for my snack. 

I woke Q up again so we could walk to school to pick up E. We passed this beautiful tree against the backdrop of the clear blue sky.

Happy guy waiting at the school

When E went inside to get his backpack and remind the YMCA teachers that he wasn't staying for the afternoon they slipped him a snack so he was happy about that and ate it on the way home.

We got home and got ready for E's swimming lessons.   This is on the way up the stairs as E dallied behind me.  I carried Q in his carrier instead of using the stroller, which was a good idea because the elevator was broken.

The dilemma of whether to get something from the vending machine on our way home.  I let him get some Starburst so he could have a couple before dinner without spoiling his appetite.

I made pasta shells with pancetta, peas, asparagus, parmesan, a splash of cream, and lemon juice.  I sort of followed a recipe but also made it up.  It was very tasty.

After supper, I cleaned up the dishes while Dave entertained the boys.  

Then we all went upstairs and played in Q's room.  I quickly cleaned up the bathroom.

I put Q to bed.  He looks peaceful here but quickly found his way out of this swaddle and we had to go in a few more times before he finally fell asleep. 

We hung out for a minute while E brushed his teeth and used the bathroom. 

Then Dave read to E, I tidied up downstairs, blogged, and threw in some laundry.  I wish all of my clothes went in the dryer, but it is not to be.

We put on the Ottawa / Pittsburgh game (go Pens!) for a few minutes and then watched Veep and the first episode of A Handmaid's Tale.  We really like it so far.  Plus part of it was filmed in Toronto, including a scene at our bridge (the Old Mill Bridge across the Humber River) so we are excited to see more local scenes. 

Then it was bedtime around 11:00.  

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  1. I love these posts! I feel like I am there. You are one busy mother/family!

  2. I forgot how much work a baby is! Love that clothes hanger!

  3. I love DITL posts. This reminds me so much of my days when my kids were littler. Sam is now 8 and Rachel will be 6 in a few weeks.